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Source:ARRA Meeting, July 14, 2005, Public Comments

Given by Mike McMahon, AUSD Board President

Comments given at December 7, 2005 Meeting

Mayor Johnson and City Council Members, I want to thank you for the opportunity to address the Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority regarding the Preliminary Development Concept (PDC) document.

As we know ever since 1993 when Congress threatened closure of the Alameda Naval Station, the Alameda community has been concerned about impact of closure on Alameda. It has been long, time consuming process to create a �roadmap� for the conversion of the former Naval Air Station. By 1996 the adopted Reuse Plan established the following vision for reuse:

"Between now and the year 2020, the City of Alameda will integrate the Naval Air Station property with the City and will realize a substantial part of the Base's potential. Revenues will have increased and a healthy local economy will have resulted from the implementation of a coordinated, environmentally sound plan of conversion and mixed-use development. While building upon the qualities which make Alameda a desirable place to live, efforts for improving recreational, cultural, educational, housing, and employment opportunities for the entire region will have been successful." Since 1996 a lot of very hard of work has been done to further define that vision. Ardella Dailey, the current AUSD superintendent, has effectively represented the Alameda's educational community on the various advisory committees, including the APAC. The District and Alameda's students, parents and teachers therefore join you tonight as you recognize APAC's significant contributions. And while we also join you in applauding the completion of the Preliminary Development Concept, we want to express our concern that the document neglects to identify the important role that Alameda schools play in community and neighborhood quality of life. In fact, the PDC does not mention schools at all.

A possible explanation for omission of the role of schools might be attributed to series of events that occurred in the late 90s. Along with land issues related the Air Station closure, the city and the school district was working an agreement for the transfer of the Mastick school. After years of negotiation, the city and school district signed an agreement in March, 2000 that settled all outstanding issues concerning land at the Catellus site, the Naval Air Station, the Tidelands property, the transfer of Mastick school as well as city and developer donations for enhancements at the Catellus school site. During the same time, the City began requesting proposals for a Master Developer for the development of Alameda Point. Within those requests for proposal documents was a statement that the City intended the Master Developer would work directly with the school district to ensure that there are adequate public education facilities at Alameda Point. Perhaps the PDC has overlooked schools because it is assumed that the Master Developer will address the need for school facilities.

However to achieve the vision of the reuse plan, perhaps the best time to integrate all aspects of the neighborhood should be in the PDC. One reason that comes to mind is the impact on transportation. Being able to walk to school, especially for grade school children will reduce the number of cars on the streets.

The school board is very interested in working the City and whatever Master Developer is selected to insure that Alameda Point neighborhood fully integrates educational facilities into this new Alameda neighborhood. By continuing to work together on this ongoing process, I am confident that all parties can find mutually agreeable solutions that will enhance the quality of life for all Alamedans, young and old, and achieve the vision identified in 1996.

Source:ARRA Meeting, December 7, 2005, Public Comments

Given by Mike McMahon, AUSD Board President

Mayor Johnson and City Council members, I want to thank you for the opportunity to address the Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority regarding the Preliminary Design Concept (PDC) document.

When I initially addressed you in July, the Board of Education expressed concerns about the failure to address the issue of school facilities for Alameda Point. I am happy to report that the revised December version of the PDC has specifically added a section in Next Steps related School Facilities. This next step allows the school district to conduct a facilities needs study in conjunction with the other planning activities.. The timing of the Alameda Point development, the location and size of housing projects will impact the existing school facilities, and the needs study will be the most appropriate way to identify gaps and develop alternative scenarios for meeting those gaps. The Board of Education wants to thank city staff and the ARRA board for the inclusion of this next step.

The Board of Education remains committed to work with city, the ARRA and the master developer to insure that the Alameda Point neighborhood fully integrates educational facilities for this new Alameda neighborhood.


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