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For background information, see 2003 Budget Reductions Frequently Asked Questions


2003-04 Board of Education Budget Reductions

Amount Item Explanation
$352,000 Student Teacher Ratio Tighten staffing for grades K-8 and 10-12
315,000 9th Grade Student/Teacher Staffing Ratio Keep CSR for 9th grade English & Math. Other classes 29:1
225,000 Special Education Reduce staffing
150,000 Overtime and Compensation Time Reduce Overtime and Compensation Time for all Employees from $250,000 to $100,000
150,000 Staff Development Eliminate encroachment
122,000 Conference and Travel Eliminate general fund conference and travel expenditures district wide
112,000 School Resource Officers Reduce entire contribution toward program
80,000 Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment Coordinator Eliminate position and assign as additional responsibility to a princpal of a small school
(50,000) Media Center Funding done by Categorical Funds
44,000 .5 Counselor at each High School Reduce 1 counselor
35,000 Custodial Staff Reduce by one FTE
30,000 Superintendent's Office Restructure office staff
24,000 Summer School Eliminate encroachment
12,000 Board of Education Reduce stipends and/or travel/conference funds
7,000 Purchasing Reduce budget
6,500 Business Services Reduce budget by 10%
6,500 Fiscal Services Reduce budget by 10%
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Last modified: April 8, 2003

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