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BOE Meeting for January 11, 2005

1. Election of Board President and Vice President

Background: The annual organization meeting takes place during the first regular Board meeting in January. Each year the Board of Education elects a President and Vice President. Mike Mcmahon was selected as President and Tracy Jensen was selected as Vice-President.

2. Measure A Fiscal Oversight Committee Report

Background: The Measure A Oversight Committee presented a report on 2003/04 expenditures.

In 2004, there were 21,720 total parcels with 4,544 exempted. The total of 17,176 parcels generated $1,872, 184.

3. Measure C Oversight Committee Report

Background: The Measure C Oversight Committee presented a report on expenditures for 2004 projects and the revised budget for 2005 projects.

4. Approval of 2005 Schedule of Regular Board of Education

Item Type: Action (15 minutes)

Background: The meeting schedule for 2005 was approved. The Board is schedlued to meet the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, no meetings scheduled in July.

5. Adoption of Board of Education Committee Assignments

Item Type: Action (20 minutes)

Background: The Board reviewed and assinged itself to various committees. There are five committees with Board representatives. The Alameda Youth Collaborative (Forbes/Gibson), City/District Meeting Monthly Meeting (McMahon/Jensen), Discipline Subcommittee(Forbes/Schaff), ROP Joint Powers (McMahon) and the Alameda Couny School Boards Association (McMahon).

6. California School Age Family Education (Cal-Safe) Report

Background: The California School Age Family Education (Cal-Safe) located at Island High, provides support for pregnant and parenting teens while attending high school. This program has been in existence for 26 years. Child care is provided on-site up to age five. Participants are required to take parenting and child care classes while pursuing their high school diplomas.

7. Report on Governor's Budget Proposal for FY 2005-06

Background: The Governor presented his budget on January 10th. Due to significant amount of contorvesial proposals it hard to determine the impact at this time. By the end of January staff will have a better gauge on the impact of the proposed budget.

On January 6th, the Governor delivered his State of the State speech. In his speech he laid his reform agenda for state government. This Los Angeles Times article outlines the four main areas of reform while this Los Angeles Times article analyzes the implications for K-12 education. Here is an Sacramento Bee editorial on the Governor's proposal on merit pay for teachers

As expected the release of Governor's budget on January 10th elicits a wide spectrum of responses from the Governnor and others. The Governor's budget proposed shifting payments into the teacher retirement system from the State to local school districts or teachers.

When are cuts to K-12 education actually increases? Well it depends on what side of fence you are on. The education community states that Prop 98 guarantees 40% of general revenues to education. Therefore, any budget where that 40% is not attained, they view that gap as a "cut". From the Governor's perspective, he is increasing the total dollars to K-12 and is doing the best he can given the $22 billion deficit he inherited.

9. Approval of Budget Development Calendar FY 2005/06

Background: The budget development calendar for adoption of 2005/06 fiscal year was approved..

10. Preliminary Spending Reduction Plan for 2005/06

Background: At the December 11th BOE Meeting, the first interim finacial was presented. During the presentation, the projected $2,400,000 deficit was explained. In addition, a high level summary of over $6,200,000 potential reductions was presented.

The Board reviewed the itemized list of the $6,000,000 potential reductions.

Additional items that staff needs to review include the ASTI program, ROTC and the elimination of athletics. In addition, additional detail will be provided indentifying which items require either up front negotiations or can be implemented via Board action with the "effects" being negotiated. Finally, additional information on items to better describe the impact of the proposed reduction will be added.

11. Report on Process for Reduction in Force

Background: A review of steps in the reduction in force process was presented.



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