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BOE Workshop for January 18, 2005

1.) Special Budget Study Session

Background: At the December 13th BOE Meeting, the first interim finacial was presented. During the presentation, the projected $2,400,000 deficit was explained. In addition, a high level summary of over $6,200,000 potential reductions was presented.

Staff presented the itemized list of the $6,000,000+ potential reductions.

Here is a recap of the 25 speakers who spoke:

  1. Programs Receiving Support from the Speaker:
    • Keeping Even Start program at Woodstock School if it closes (5 speakers)
    • Maintaining the 6-8 program at Paden School (4 speakers)
    • Maintaining the program at WCDC (3 speakers)
    • Maintaining Class Size Reduction (3 speakers)
    • Maintaining Counselors (3 speakers)
    • Maintaining Athletic Stipends (3 speakers)
    • Maintaining JROTC (2 speakers)
    • Maintaining staffing levels based on enrollment for Health Clerks (1 speaker)
  2. Additional Comments
    • Questioned why there was no input from the community and employees in developing the list
    • Requested that the next workshop be held on the West End
    • Request a list of consultants being used by the District
    • Challenged the District's assertion that the decline in enrollment was due to the closure of Harbor Island
    • Requested a report on what programs are encroaching on the General Fund
    • Supported the push for educating parents and High School students on the loss of $35 per day when a student does not attend school

In addition, the California School Employees Association representatives presented its recommendations for program reductions. Among the big items were: closing an elementary school and eliminating class size reduction for K-3. In addition, they recommended the elimination of the Public Relations Office, assigning an additional Principal to 2 schools (i.e. 2 principals for 4 schools), eliminating a vice-principal position at Encinal High school, eliminate the ASTI program and reducing overtime an additional $40,000.

At the Janaury 25th BOE meeting, initial recommendations from staff on which program reductions should be considered will be presented.



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