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BOE Meeting for January 30, 2007

1. Proclamation: African American History Month

Background:: Annualy, the Board of Education recognizes the contribution tha African Amercians have made and proclaims Februrary 2007 as African American History month.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

2. Proclamation: A Season of Non-Violence

Background:: Janaury 30 to April 4, 2007 is a national 64-day educational, mdeia and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolnce is a powerful way to heal, transform and empower our lives.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

3. Recommendation to Adopt the Proposed K-5th Social Studies Textbook

Background: Under the Califronai Education Code, schools must adoprt appropriate instructional materials that address California Content Standards.

The State Board of Education approved four publishers that met the elementary school content standards for history/social studies. A commitee from Alameda Unified School District selected two publishers for pilot.The committeee's recommendation is Pearson Scott-Foresman publishers textbook series Scott Foresman History-Social Science for California.

The Board approved the recommendation.

Fiscal Implications: None purchased with state textbook monies

Strategic Significance: Goals #1 Curricular Coherence and Effective Instructional Practices

4. Facilities Master Plan Udpate

Background: On October 11, 2005, the Board of Education approved a revision of the Measure C budget after considering the following: construction priorities; educational standards; equity among schools; and the effects of rising construction costs.

Staff is recommending the following budgets for Phase 3:

  • Edison Elementary $2,019,157
  • Lum Elementary $1,866,192
  • Otis Elementary $2,006,395
  • Paden Elementary $1,300,907
  • Washington Elementary $2,758,298

The changes to amounts above represent revised estimates after a more thorough analysis of the work to be done. The total budgeted for Phase 3 is $1.8 million above the revised budget passed in October, 2005. Staff will work on reducing the amount by eliminating painting and making some items optional.

Fiscal Implications: No General Fund Impact - Measure C and Deferred Maintenance funds will be used

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Schools

5. Resolution No 07-4079 Request Persmission to Solicit Bids for Modernization of Paden, Otis, Lum, Washington and Edison

Background: Prior to going bid, the Board must take action to approve the process.

The Board approved the process.

Fiscal Implications: See item 4 above.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 - Safe Schools

6. FCMAT Special Education Update - Implementation Plan

Background: Rosalind Davenport was appointed to Director, Special Education position in October, 2006. At the October 10th BOE meeting, the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) presented a report on Special Education services provided by AUSD. The report contained 113 recommendations.

Rosalind provided an update on the progress of implementing changes to Special Education services and how they align with the FCMAT recommendations.

Fiscal Implications: Multi-year plan will require additional expenditures from general and categorical funds. See page 6 from the PowerPoint presentation.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence & Effective Practices

8. FCMAT Technology Update - Implementation Plan

Background: At the September 12, 2006 BOE meeting, the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) presented a review of the technology services provided by AUSD. Jess Stephens was appointed to Director, Technology Services in October, 2006.

After reviewing the FCMAT report and conducting his own assessment throughout the District, Jess presented his analysis of the current status of technology in AUSD, and share his five recommendations to support and sustain technology across the District.

His five recommendations cover:

  1. Staffing plan
  2. Upgrade existing computer hardware and software
  3. Communications and feedback plan
  4. Network plan
  5. Value added services

Fiscal Implications: Multi-year plan will require additional expenditures from general, categorical and bond funds.

Strategic Significance: Goals #1-12

8. Report on Governor's Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2007-08

Background: On January 10, 2007 Goernor Arnold Schwarzenegger released his State Budget proposal for the 2007-08 fiscal year.

The Governor's proposed budget funds Proposition 98 at the minimum guarantee level and proposes very few initiatives. It also includes two shifts that expected to be controversial.


  1. Governor's budget
  2. Includes two controversial shifts

    • $269M for Cal Works from non-Prop 98 funds
    • $627M for Home-to School Transporation from Prop 98 to Public Transportation Account
  3. COLA
    • $1.9B to fully fund the 4.04% estimated statutory COLA (revised down from 4.7% in prior year's budget)
    • AUSD estimated share will be $255 per ADA for approximately $2.1 million was be offset by $1.5 million reduction of one time revenue received in 2006/07 for mandated costs
  4. Growth
    • Enrollment growth is expected to decline by .39%
    • Public school enrollment projected to decrease .77% while charter school enrollment is projected to grow 9.5%
  5. Revenue Limit Deficit
    • No defict reduction (.i.e COLA is fully funded)
  6. Equalization Aid
    • No funding to level up base revenue limits to the 90th percentile.
    • Approximately $100M is needed to fully fund equalization.
  7. Mandate Reimbursement
    • Minimum funding of $38K
    • Districts will not receive reimbursements this year
  8. Categorical Programs
    • $10M for teaching training for industry and business professional entering the teaching profession
    • $52M for Career Technical Education to improve linkages between high schools and California Community Colleges and align curriculum

Fiscal Implications: None

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goals #1-12



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