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BOE Meeting of February 11, 2003

Report from Closed Session

Background: In March, 2000 the Board of Education entered into a contract with the Assistant Superintendent Edcational Services. This was the first contract with a District employee other than the Superintendent. In hiring the Chief Financial Officer, the District also entered into a contract. As the complexity of running school districts increases, the District has recognized the need to contract for services for senior District staff.

The Board took action to approve contracts for the Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Personnel Officer.

1. Alameda Youth Collaborative Report

Background: The Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth and Their Families was founded in 1996 by the City of Alameda, the Alameda Unified School District and Assemblymember Wilma Chan. The Collaborative was created to facilitate the development of policies, programs and resources for Alameda's young people.

Presentation: Audrey Lord-Hausman presented a history of the Collaborative and 2001-02 progress report.

2. Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center (AACLC) Annual Report

Background: Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center (AACLC) has dependent charter with AUSD is required to present an annual report to the BOE.

Presentation: Paul Bentz, Lead Facilitator, mades some brief comments about the 40 page annual report developed Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center. Then two students presented an overview of unique aspects of AACLC, including learner lead conferences, judicial committee, community service requirements and leadership board.

3. Superintendent Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Background: In June,2001, the Superintendent's Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) was formed to review and prioritize District's programs and services as they support the District's educational goals and objectives.

For 2002-03, SEAC was charged creating a plan of action to reduce the budget by $2 to 2.5 million. The Board of Edcuation used SEAC's plan of action to help implement reductions totaling $2.2 million.

Presentation: With proposed cuts from the State pending, the District must further prioritize its programs and services in order to produce a balanced budget. SEAC can assist the District in this endeavor. Lorenzo Legaspi asked the Board to review its appointments to the Committee and submitted their choices by February 25th.

4. Safe Schools Planning Report

Background: For an background, go to Safe Schools 2002 Edition: A Planning Guide for Action

Presentation: Dave Dierking presented an overview of the 2002 updates of state and federal laws related school safety.

5. Report on the Governor's Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2003-04

Background: Governor Davis proposed mid-year cuts to 2002-03 budget in December. In January, Governor proposed his 2003-04 budget, Taken in total, both proposals call for substantial reduction in funding for public education. The Legislature is meeting to consider what action to take on mid-year cut proposals. The presentation provides an initial projection of the fiscal impact  to AUSD if the Legislature enacts the Governor's mid-year cuts and the 2003-04 budget as submitted.

The Legislature has choosen not to enact the Governor's mid-year cuts as submitted. Their current proposal has added the restoration of the vehicle licenses fees back to 1998 levels. The Governor had indicated that he will veto the legislation. In all likelihood, the Legislature will remove the restoration of vehicle license fees and then pass their legislation to the Governor.

As a result, the District will have to develop the 2003-04 budget with very little concrete direction about where future cuts will be taken.



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