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BOE Meeting for February 25, 2003

1. Resolution Number 03-3750: Voluntary Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement Out-of-Country Field Trips

Background: Board approval of field trips are requested well in advance of the trip. The Board's can not assess the travel conditions "post-9/11, therefore assessment of travel conditions should be left to parents and the field trip vendor.

The adopted resolution added additional langauge explicitly related to accidents, illness, civil and/or international strife, terrorism, and other harm, injury, illness, or damage which my befall the student for out-of-country travel.

2. Approval of Lincoln Middle School Trip to Europe April 17-26, 2003

The Board approved the field trip.

3. Update on AUSD Math Initiatives: 2002-03

Barbara Lee presented an overview of the work being done across the district on Math. In the K-5 grade levels, pacing guides are being developed to insure the uniform delivery of materials across the district. In the 6-8 grade levels, a "pathways to alegbra" has been created. The typical progression for students will be Course 1 in 6th grade, Course II in 7th grade and Algebra in 8th grade. However, with multiple assessment measures students can be placed in higher levels classes with the possibility of a 8th grader taking geometry. In addition, students needing additional assistance can be placed in pre-algebra in 8th grade.

4. Approval of New High School Math Transitions to Algebra

Background: The secondary math task force recommended that the Algebra A/B sequence be replaced with a new course, Transition to Algebra. Students leaving the 8th grade who do not pass the algebra placement matrix would be programmed into this course.

The Board approved the new course of study.

5. Planning and Feasibility Study to Construct a Spur of the Bay Trail Around a Section of Paden Elementary School

Clarice Olson, a parent volunteer, presented information on a collabrorative effort of Paden PTA, Alameda Recreation and Parks Department and the Association of Bay Area Governments to construct a spur segment of the Bay Trail around the existing public easement at Paden Elementary School. For pictures of the existing public access,Paden Bay Trail Project.

6. Calendar Report and Draft Proposal

Background: The first tentative calendar presented in a Decemeber Board of Education meeting was not ratified by the teacher's union. After two negotiation sessions, a second tentative calendar was presented.

The Board of Education did not take any action when a motion to accept the second tenative calendar died for lack of a second.

7. Alameda Power Up for Education

Background: In collaboration with Alameda Power and Telecom has agreed to authorize a check-off donation. Funds will be utilized by the District to accomplish related Alameda Enterprise projects.

Bill Garvine, marketing manager from Alameda Power and Telecom, explained how the check-off donation program will work. In this two year pilot, Alameda Power and Telecom customers will have an opportunity to donate monies to AUSD. After charges for administrative handling, the funds will pass to AUSD.

8. Update on the State Budget for Fiscal 2003-04

There are no new developments in last two weeks.

11. California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly Election

The Board voted to approve one candidate from San Leandro.

12. Approval of Board of Education Committee Assignments

Board members' committee assignments were approved.

13. Resolution No. 03-3746 Intent to Dismiss Classified Employee, California School Employees Association - Paraprofessional Unit

Background: Due to lack of work and/or lack of funds, two paraprofessioanls, Media Center, Group II, Earhart Elementary, Three and Quarter Hours be reduced and/or discontinued.

This item was tabled pending further research on funding availability.

14. PUBLIC HEARING - AEA Reopeners for the Successor Contract to the 2001-2003 Contract between AUSD and the Alameda Education Association (AEA)

Background: The District and the Alameda Education Association have a three-year contract that expires on June 30, 2003. The first step in the process is for the teacher's union to present their openers.

Alameda Edcuation Assocation's Openers for the 2003-2006 Contract

  • Article 3, Association Rights
  • Article 5, Leaves
  • Article 6, Grievance Procedures
  • Article 8, Teaching Hours
  • Article 9, Class Size
  • Article 10, Transfer
  • Article 12, Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Article 13, Teacher Safety
  • Article 14, Salaries
  • Article 15, Early Retirement Incentive Programs
  • Article 27, Special Education

The Board of Education received the openers.



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