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BOE Meeting for March 27, 2007

1. Physical Education (PE) Standards Review: Recommendation Regarding PE Credit for Marching Band

Background: On October 24, 2006 a presentation was made to the Board of Education to discuss the feasibility of Physical education credit for Marching Band participation. Staff will present a recommendation not to approve Marching Band for Physical Education credit based these standards and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Board took no action.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence

2. Principal Professional Development

Background: In 2005-06, site administrators and Educational Services administrators particpated in a professional development series entitled: Improving Student Achievement through Teacher Observation and Feedback - Year One. This year with the help of Ed Porter from Noli-Porter Associates an examination and inquiry into good teaching, rigorous instruction, equity and excellence through use of classroom walkthoughs has been occurring. The primary purpose is to develop a climate for and to hone site administrators' observation skills and to provide relevant, thoughtful and refelctive feedback to teacher to maximize instruction. The role of the site administrator shifts from inspector to coach during these informal walkthroughs.

Principal walkthroughs use six areas of teacher expertise to guide them in developing reflective feedback for teachers' common core of professional knowledge.

In the six sessions this year, principals and District staff are developing a common tool (the walkthrough) that can be used by principals. The challenge is to agree on the area of focus (California Standards for Teaching Profession, rigor, student engagement, student learning) that will meet the school sites needs. In addition, the details of engaging the teachers in the process (creation of the tool as well as site implementation of feedback) needs to be worked out.

A similar practice has been developed by the Institute for Learning called Learning Walks using the Principles of Learning to focus on the instructional core.

In a related development, California completed a 22 studies in a massive study of California education. Two of those studies dealt with principals:

Leadership Development in California

Principal Resources: Acquisition, Deployment, and Barriers

Fiscal Implications: $18,000 Federal grants - Title I, Title II

Strategic Significance: Goal #2 Staff Development

3. Approval of Second Interim Report

Background: The Second Interim Report will be submitted with a Qualified Certification, which means the District may not be able to meet its financial obligations for the current fiscal year and two subsequent fiscal years.

This Qualified Report will be submitted to Alamede County of Education who has fiscal oversight responsibility of school districts.

AUSD will add an .8% increase to employee salaries as a result of finalizing calculations for the 3.9% salary increase already implemented last November. The additional increase will cost an additional $440,000 per year, and will be taken out of the 3% reserve fund required for economic uncertainties. This amount was provided for in the Spending Reduction and Resource Allocation Plan approved by the board on February 27 and therefore no additional budget reallocations are needed.

The original 3.9% salary increase was based on a formula agreed to in the 2003-2006 contract with the Alameda Education Association (AEA), that stipulated that 66% of unrestricted district revenue, less expenditures, would determine the funds available for a teacher salary increase in the 2005-2006 fiscal year. However, AUSD and AEA differed on the interpretation of what counts as unrestricted revenue and what counts as expenditures towards salary, delaying the increase until the differences could be settled by a state arbitrator last July.

In August, in order to expedite the salary increase and retroactive pay for all employees, AUSD and AEA agreed to a 3.9% estimated increase, with the understanding that the final calculation would be made once the district received an audit of its actual fund balances for the end of the fiscal year.

Based on the final report of "audited actuals," AUSD and AEA have agreed to a 4.7% total increase. The .8% increase, including retroactive pay, will be added to employee paychecks in April 2007. As with all salary increases the district negotiates, the increase is implemented equitably to all employee groups in the district.

The Board approved the report.

List of Qualified/Negative Districts from 2005/06 Second Interim

Strategic Significance: Goals - All

4. Approval of Annual California Information Information Systems (CSIS) Report

Background: The District is required to collect demographic data on the students and employees. Staff presented the report.

Strategic Significance: Goals #12 Communications and Community Engagement

5. Proclamation Public Schools Month - April 2007

Background: Board approved the proclamation.

Fiscal Implications: None

Staff Recommendation: Approve

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

6. Proclamation Cesar Chavez Dau - March 31, 2007

Item Type: Action (5 minutes)

Background: Board apporved the proclamation.

Fiscal Implications: None

Staff Recommendation: Approve

Strategic Significance: Goals #12 Communications and Community Engagement

7. Approval of Resolution 07-4088 Intent to Dismiss Classified Management

Item Type: Action (10 minutes)

Background: California Education code sections 45117 sets forth dates and procedures by which Board of Education must express its intent to reduce or discontinue particular kinds of services and give notice to classified management employees that their services may not be required for the ensuing school year.

Affected positions include:

Public Information Officer, 1 position, .8 FTE reduction

Maintenance Coordinator/Custodial Operations Manager, 1 position, 1 FTE reduction

The Board approved the resolution.

Fiscal Implications: $11,900 net savings after reorganization

Strategic Significance: Goals #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention



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