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Recap for April 12 Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Thank You to Save Our Schools (SOS) Political Action Committee for Measure A

Background: The individuals who served on the campaign committee for Measure A were honored..

Fiscal Implications: None

2) Employees of the Month

Background: Each month we honored employees nominated for efforts above and beyond. This month we honored Terry Dominguez, Office Manager, Alameda  High School, Kristi Oguchi, Coordinator Maintenance Operations & Facilities and Juanita Williams, Office Manage, Haight Elementary.

3.) Highlighting Alameda Schools: Edison Elementary

Background: Edison Elementary presented an overview of their academic program.

Fiscal Implications: None

4) Update on the Emma Hood and Encinal Swim Centers

Background: Staff presented an update on the conditions and possible options to fix the swim centers..

Fiscal Implications: None

5.) Special Education Disproportionality Report

Background: Staff presented an update on a State required review of disproportionality of students in the special education population.

Fiscal Implications: None

6.) Implementation of AUSD Master Plan of 2010-2015

Background: Staff presented an overview of Scenario A of the Master Plan now that Measure A has passed.

Fiscal Implications:None

7.) Evaluation of the Strategic Intervention Model

Background: Staff presented an evaluation of the implementation of the SIM program in secondary schools.

Fiscal Implications:None