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Facilities Master Plan Workshop Held on April 19, 2005

Background: In September, 2000, AUSD adopted Facilities Master Plan. Changes in demographics and the completion of a $27 million Modernization Program in 2002 required updating the 2000 Facilities Master Plan. The updated data with findings and options were presented in November, 2002. At that time, the Board decided to proceed with construction of a new elementary school but reserved approval of the remainder of the plan until other options could be presented for further discussion.

New demographic data projecting enrollment trends for the next six years was presented. However, the closure of Harbor Island apartments creates an assumed negative growth pattern that needs to be examined. In addition, plans for the development of Alameda Point are in flux. While the current plans have identified a projected total of 2,055 units, the timing of construction is very uncertain. So additional refinement maybe needed.

While the planning for the future growth needs of the District needs future examination, the implementation of construction work for Measure C requires the Board to consider various options. Below is a list of initial options presented:

  1. Construct New 600 Student School - This has already been approved by the Board and should be completed by September, 2006.
  2. Relocate Woodstock Elementary Students to New School - This School was designed by the Woodstock community with the idea that they would occupy it when completed.
  3. Relocate Miller Elementary Students to New School - Miller student enrollment could be accomodated in the new school.
  4. Temporarily Relocate District Offices to Miller Elementary - District Office must vacate Historic Alameda High School for seismic upgrade of this facility. This relocation would allow the upgrade of the library section and District Office section of the building. Classrooms would thne be created for Alameda High School expansion.
  5. Relocate Island High School to Woodstock Elementary - Island High would be able to utilize the permanent construction of this facility. Current portables are old and showing dry rot in many areas. The new site would be able to accomodate a PE program and could have a lunch program and assembly area. The District is also authorized to use the proposed Boys & Girls Club facility during school hours.
  6. Construct low/moderate income housing on the current Island High School site - Through agreement with the City of Alameda, the District is authorized to use funds as low income to moderate imcome housing. These units could be utilized by District employees who qualify.

Staff was directed to contact the Miller Elementary and Island High communities in order to advise of them of potential changes. In addition, the information from the workshop will be incorporated into Facilities Master Plan and the document will be updated to reflect changes since 2002.



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