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BOE Meeting for June 26, 2007

1.) Public Appointment of Interim Chief Human Resource Officer

Background: The Superintendent recommended Laurie McLachlan-Fry to fill this position. Brandon Kreuger resigned after one year as Chief Human Resource Officer to return to the Stockton/Lodi area for family reasons.

The approved the appointment.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

2.) Public Appointment of Administrative Director - Maintenance, Operations and Facilities

Background: The Superintendent recommneded Leland Noll to fill this position. Bob DeLuca retired effective June 30th.

Leland comes from Vallejo school district and was the Director of Maintenance, Operations and Facilities.

The approved the appointment.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

3.) Public Appointment of Communications & Community Relations Coordinator

Background: The Superintendent recommended Donna Fletcher to fill this position.

As part of the fiscal budget adjustments in February, this position replaces a position that was eliminated. The projected savings was budgeted at $25,000.

The approved the appointment.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

4.) Public Appointment of Acting Principal, Bay Farm Elementary School

Background: The Superintendent recommended Jane Lee to fill this position. Mary McGuiness is retiring as of June 30.

The approved the appointment.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

5.) Public Appointment of Acting Principal Chipman Middle School

Background: The Superintendent recommended Jud Kempson to fill this position.

The approved the appointment.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

6.) Measure A Fiscal Oversight Committee Report

Background: A report from Measure A Fiscal Oversight Committee will be given.

The number of parcels paying the parcel tax has increase slightly over the past three years. In 2004, 17,176 paracels were assessed, in 2005 17,341 parcels were assessed and in 2006 17,421 parcels were assessed.

In June 24, 2007 Contra Costa Times article, there is a review of how Bay Area school districts have become dependent on parcel taxes.

During the presentation the Chairman of the committee, Judge Bartilini, questioned the budget reductions and the impact on meeting the spirit of Measure A. He specifically felt uncomfortable about the allocation of $888,000 for teachers raises as a result of the arbitration decision. As a result, he offered his resignation at the meeting.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

7.) Measure C Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Report Update

Item Type: Information (15 minutes)

Background: The Measure C Citizens Bond Oversight Committee gave their report.

Independent audits were completed and no audit findings were found.

Technology has spent approximately $3,800,000 on infrastructure and computers.

Total Measure C Construction expenditures are approximately $45 million. We have also spent $11.1 million of State Modernization/Growth Funds.

Construction Update

Haight is complete. Some additional painting and landscaping will be done over the summer.

Alameda High School had six sets of classrooms completed during the year. Summer work will include Science Rooms, Computer Rooms and the Tech Arts building. Building exterior will be painted over the summer.

Miller interior first phase was completed. Island High School moved in October, 2006. Fire alarm will be completed over the summer. HVAC in the prtables will be done.

Paden, Otis, Edison, Washington and Lum work will be begin on June 18. Washington will get extensive window repair.

Historic Alameda High School design was submitted to the Department of State Architect. Pending approval, bids process is expected to start in January, 2008.

The remaining schools design work has begun. Chipman restroom upgrade and exterior painting are being done this summer.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Environment

8.) PUBLIC HEARING and Approval of Contract Agreement between AUSD and AEA

Background: The District and Alameda Education Association reached tentative agreement for a new three contract in early June. The Alameda Education Association membership voted to approved the tentative agreement. The Alameda County Office of Education has reviewed the tentative agreement.

The Board approved the contract.

Fiscal Implications: Contract Terms

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

9.) Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2007-08

Background: The 2007/08 budget was presented.

10.) Resolution 07-4116 Adopt Proposed Budget and Make Appropriations and Adopt the Standards and Criteria for Fiscal Year 2007-08

Background: The Board approved the budget from agenda item G-9 before June 30.

Board member McMahon commented on escalating costs related employees pensions and its impact on the AUSD budget. Since 2001, the cost of AUSD's contribution to employee pensions has risen by $2,000,000 a year or 66% of all new unrestricted revenue from the State. With projected billions of dollar in deficits for public employee pensions, Board member McMahon expressed a concern that more and more dollars will be diverted away from the classroom to pay for future retirees.

11.) Redevelopment Plan for Former Island High School Site

Item Type: Information(15 minutes)

Background: The Community Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda (CIC) and the Alameda Unified School District (the District) entered into an agreement on November 12, 1991 pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Law of the state of California (Health and Safety Code, Section 33401). The purpose of the agreement is to provide a certain portion of the tax increment from the Business and Waterfront Improvement (BWIP) to be transferred to the District (District Housing Fund).

In October, 2005, the city of Alameda granted Alameda Unified School District access to those funds to begin predevelopment work.

Staff provided an update on the status of the proposed project at the old Island High school site at the November 14, 2006 BOE meeting.

Per the request of the AUSD, the City explored the idea of leasing the former Island High School for the purpose of developing affordable housing on behalf of the AUSD, and giving our employees preference in renting those units. The option was presented and approved by the City Council at their June 19, 2007 meeting..

Staff presented an udpate on the work completed and reviewed next steps, including the negotiation of a long-term lease and any needed amendment to the original agreement with the City.

Staff expects the long-term lease will be presented by the end of the year.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

12.) Revision of Administrative Regulation 5116.1

Background: Changes to Administrative regulation 5116.1 will improve our Kindergarten enrollment priorities.

Annual Kindergarten Round-Up Enrollment Procedures

Each year during the month of January, a two week initial enrollment period (Kindergarten Round-Up) will be held. If after the initial two week period there are more students than available spaces, first enrollment priority will be given to siblings of currently enrolled students living in the zone of attendance that have returnd a completed application within the two week period. The remaining students will be assigned enrollment priority numbers through a random drawing. These students will be enrolled until all spaces are filled. The remaining students will also be provisionally enrolled, and given a notice that they may be placed at a different school. Depending on how many students a school is over capacity, the district may open an additional class at the school or divert these students to neighboring schools. This reassignment may take place at any time between may 1st and the 20th school day of the new school year.

Sibling Priority

Siblings of children already in attendance at the school will have their enrollment priority raised from seventh to third.

Board members had some questions and as a result this item will be bought back in the Fall.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Community Engagement and Communcications

13.) PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of Advanced Placement European History Textbooks

Background: Western Civilization and Sources of the Western Tradition were adopted.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence and Effective Instructional Practices

14.) California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Update

Background: Staff proved an update on the 2006-07 results. After lengthy delays, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) become effective for the class of 2006. In June 2006, 187 juniors still had not passed the CAHSEE to be able graduate in 2007. In 2007, a total of 77 students did not pass the CAHSEE (9%) and 736 did pass. Of those 77, approximately 45% would not graduated due to lack of credit or requirements. Beyond that only 15 students ended fufilling all graduation requirements and do not receive a diploma.

15.) Suspension/Expulsion and Attendace Report

Background:Staff presented an update.

Below is the data for the last five years:


(Number of days)

. 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07
High Schools 1,226 915 851 876 1,211
Middle Schools 765 788 858 883 900
Elementary Schools 252 438 355 288 199
Total 2,243 2,141 2,064 2,047 2,310


(Number of students)

. 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07
High Schools 12 12 10 15 10
Middle Schools 9 4 5 7 2
Elementary Schools 0 0 0 0 1
Total 21 16 15 22 13



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