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BOE Meeting for August 14, 2007

Report from Closed Session: The Board unanimously approved a contract extension for Superintendent Ardella Dailey. In addition, a one year contract for Interim Chief Human Resource Office Laurie McLachlan-Fry was approved.

1.) Staffing/Hiring Overview & Update

Background: The Chief Human Resource Office provided an overview of hiring and vacancies as of mid-August.

Classified Employees: posted Openings: 22: Food Services: 2 positions, Office Tech: 3 positions (2 office site positions, 1 Account/Payroll, Fiscal Services), Health Office Assistant: 3 positions, Special Education Paraprofessionals: 11 postions and Paraprofessionals: 3 positions.

Certificate Employees posted Openings: 24: Part time: 5 positions, Full time: 19 positions

Adminstrative Employees posted Openings: 11: Chief HR Officer, High School Principal, 2 middle school principals, 2 vice principals, Middle School, Elementary School principal, MOF Director, MOF Coordinator, 2 Special Education Coordinators

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

2.) Public Appointment of Principal - Encinal High School

Background: The Superintendent presented Anthony Kuns to fill this position. Bill Sonneman retired at the end of the school year.

Tony Kuns has been a high school principal for the past ten years and most recently Kennedy High School in Fremont.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

3.) Public Appointment of Acting Principal - Wood Middle School

Background: The Superintendent presented Kathy Love to fill this position. Angela Ehrlich resigned to take a principal position in Fremont Unified School District. Kathy Love was the Vice Principal at Chipman Middle School.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

4.) Public Appointment of Vice Principal - Wood Middle School

Background: The Superintendent presented Jeanne Mellor to fill this position. jeanne Mellor comes Alameda from Castro Valley High School.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

5.) Public Appointment of Vice Principal - Chipman Middle School

Background: The Superintendent presented Kirsten Zazo to fill this position. Kirsten was a teacher leader at Chipman Middle School.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

6.) Public Appointment of Coordinator - Maintenance, Operations and Facilities

Background: The Superintendent presented Kristi Ojigho to fill this position.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

7.) Public Appointment of Coordinator - Special Education

Background: The Superintendent presented Nanette Love to fill this position.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Staff Recruitment, Assignment, and Retention

8.) Revision of Administrative Regulation 5116.1 Enrollment Policy


Annual Kindergarten Round-Up Enrollment Procedures

Each year during the month of January, a two week initial enrollment period (Kindergarten Round-Up) will be held. If after the initial two week period there are more students than available spaces, first enrollment priority will be given to siblings of currently enrolled students living in the zone of attendance that have returnd a completed application within the two week period. The remaining students will be assigned enrollment priority numbers through a random drawing. These students will be enrolled until all spaces are filled. The remaining students will also be provisionally enrolled, and given a notice that they may be placed at a different school. Depending on how many students a school is over capacity, the district may open an additional class at the school or divert these students to neighboring schools. This reassignment may take place at any time between May 1st and the 20th school day of the new school year.

Changes to Administrative regulation 5116.1 will improve our Kindergarten enrollment priorities.

Enrollment Priorities

Schools receiving requests for admission and intradistrict enrollment requests shall give priority for attendance in the following order:

First: Students residing in the school's attendance area.

Second: Students diverted from their resident attendance zone.

Third: Siblings of children already in attendance at the school.

Fourth: Students placements requesting transfers from Title I schools identified for program improvement.

Fifth: Students requesting transfers who are victims of an on-campus violent crime or are attending a school identified as persistently dangerous.

Sixth: Students approved through the AUSD open enrollment program.

Seventh: Children of district employees applying under the Allen Bill.

Eighth: Students applying under the Allen Bill.

Ninth: Students applying under an interdistrict transfer.

If attendance area boundaries need to be adjusted, the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services will recommend procedures to assure an equitable redistribution of student enrollment with Governing Board approval.

Dave Dierking, Director of Student Services indcated there are three ways to deal with capacity problem projected for the East End elementary schools:

  1. Add more space to a site by converting non-classroom space and/or adding portables
  2. Change the attendance boundaries
  3. Divert excess students to other schools

The Board heard from five speakers who spoke during the Public Comments section of the meeting. All five speakers were against the implementation of a lottery. Another 10 speakers spoke after the staff presentation. All ten speakers were opposed to the lottery. A number of speakers requested the decision be delayed until after summer ends.

During Board deliberations, the Board agreed to delay the decision on revising the Enrollment policy. In the meantime, staff will gather more information regarding the cost of adding facilities at schools with projected over capacity issues and an estimate of time required to prepare/review/approve attendance boundary changes.

Based on concerns about the implementation of a lottery concerned Fernside residents have organized an informational campaign to further study the enrollment issues within Edison attendance zone.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

7.) Modernization Construction Update

Background: Total Measure C Construction expenditures are approximately $45 million. We have also spent $11.1 million of State Modernization/Growth Funds.

Construction Update

Haight Modernization/seismic upgrade complete but for minor punchlist items. Additional scope completed: interior/exterior painting including relocatables and new kindergarten play structure and surface. The asphalt play surface is to be re-coated and stripes next week. Rails at interior stair wells and sun decks still require modification that will not conflict with school operations.

ASTI The campus is being expanded by two classrooms and a restroom building. The classrooms have been set and the restrooms will be set by close of business today. The utility connections are in progress and the new ramps have been ordered and have a completion date of August 13. We are also working on the replacement of flooring at the two new classrooms and existing science classroom.

Edison/Lum/Otis This project of three campuses is on schedule if not ahead. We are expecting the casework in each classroom to be complete prior to the start of school (early), but the in-room heating units will not be (this is actually on-time). The heating units are to be installed after school hours in late September with operation by the first week of October as expected.

Paden/Washington/Chipman This project of three campuses is behind schedule. However, the contracts were written in a manner that should prevent this from impacting the operation of these three schools. The casework in the classrooms will most likely not be complete by the time school starts. The contract was written for a casework delivery in September and installation after school hours. Currently, the in-room heating units are not scheduled for delivery until the first of October. This is about two weeks later than planned and would lead to completion of the heating system in late October. We are working on moving the delivery date forward and creating a contingency plan for any cold mornings after October 15. it has been the normal procedures for MOF to not turn the heating system on until October 15. At Paden, the schedule for permanent power has been delayed by AP&T This is now resolved and we are working to make up lost time. The large bathrooms at all three sites will not be complete prior to the start of school. However, they were not scheduled for completion until October 1. At all sites, there are several other bathrooms that are available to allow for the proper operation of the school. The scaffolding at Washington will not come down until August 24.

AHS/IHS The majority of the items on these campuses are on schedule. At Alameda High, the contractor is having internal issues with the science casework, corridor tile, landscape and paint. We are working with contingency plans for all scopes that will allow proper occupation of the school and completion of work outside of school hours. The ball field at Alameda High will not be ready until about a month into the school year. The grass installed where work was performed will need time to establish.

Chipman Restroom upgrade and exterior painting was done this summer.

Fiscal Implications: Bond and state funds used.

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Environment



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