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Special BOE Meeting for September 6, 2005

1. Approval of Low Bid for Bayport Site School

Background: The Board approved the low bid for construction of the K-5 portion of the new Woodstock school at the Bayport site. The low bid of $15.5 million dollars will bring the total cost of the new school to $18.8 million. The original budget for the new school was $15.3.

The Board will be deciding how to reallocate remaining bond monies for the remaining phases at September board meetings.

2. Superinendent Search

Background: In April, 2005, former Superintendent Alan Nishino announced he was leaving the district effective July 1, 2005. The Board of Education made a decision to appoint Ardella Dailey as the interim Superintendent for the 2005/06 school year and begin conducting the search for a permanent Superintendent in Fall, 2005. In August the Board approved a contract with the California School Board Association to assist in search process.

The Board agreed the commuity input meetings would be held on September 29th and 30th. The California School Board Association will interview the Board, employee group leaders and selected members of their choosing, the PTA Council president and selected members of his choosing as well as community leaders. In addition, there will be a community meeting on September 29th at 7pm at Lum School for general community input. In October the Board will work with the California School Board Association to develop questions that are aligned with the input received from the community. The interview of the interim Superintendent is expected to take place in early November.

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