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Board Meeting for September 9, 2003

1. Public Appointment of Adult School Vice-Principal

Background: Lynn Mackey was approved as the new vice-principal.

2. Resolution 03-3808 Agreement to enter into a joint use agreement with Alameda Recreation and Parks Department for Bay Trail at Paden School

Background: At the February 25th BOE Meeting the Board approved a planning study to be conducted. The study looked at enhancing the existing public shoreline for better educational and passive recreational uses. For pictures of the existing public access, see Paden Bay Trail Project.

The Board is requested to approve a resolution that will:

  1. Authorize Paden PTA to submit grant applications for construction plans and construction costs for a Bay Trail Facility
  2. Should funds be secured, appoints the City Manager to act as agent for AUSD and Alameda Recreation and Parks Department
  3. Agree in principle to enter in an agreement for maintenance of Paden Bay Trail Facility with the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department

The Board apporved the resolution but removed the item related to appoint the City Manager to act as agent for AUSD.

3. 2003 Base Adequate Yearly Progress Report


The new federal accountability measure - CA Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) - is part of the federal legislation No Child Left Behind. This accountability measure requires all districts and schools to demonstrate Adequate Yearly Progress with the goal that 100% of the students are proficient or above in reading/language arts and mathematics by 2013-2014. (Not to be confused with the state's API.)

To see what sites did NOT make AYP for 2003, see 2003 Alameda AYP Notes and 2003 Alameda AYP Schoolwide Recap.

4. Public Hearing - Alameda Unified School District (District) Reopeners for the 2003-04 School Year Concerning the Contract with Califronia State Employees Association (CSEA)

Background: The current contract is effective until June 30, 2005. At the May 13th BOE Meeting , CSEA requested reopeners per the provisions of the contract. It is intention of the District to "sunshine" the item it wishes to negotiate. At the public hearing at this meeting, reopeners from the District will be presented for Board approval.

The District reopeners are:

  • Fair and equitable salaries that perserve fiscal responsibility, maintain quality staff, provide the District with the tools to meet their responsibilities, and increase effieciency and accountability, including No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
  • Fair and equitable benefits that perserve fiscal responsibility and otherwise contribute to the interests identified above.
  • <

    The Board approved the District repoeners.

    5. Board Meeting Format

    Background: The Board has requested that the Board Format be reviewed. The current format is as follows:

    1. All meetings will start at 6:30pm.
    2. All oral communications, both agenda and non-agenda, will transpire during time allotted from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, for which speaker slips must be submitted no later than 7:00pm.
    3. For agenda items requiring expanded comunications and public iput, the Board will plan for and schedule workshops.

    This item was tabled until a future meeting.

    6. Resolution 03-3807 Intent to Dismiss Classified Employee, California SChool Employees Association, Paraprofessional Unit

    Background: Due to lack of work, the Board finds it is in the best interest of the District to reduce and/or discontinue one paraprofessional position.

    The Board approved the resolution.

    7. Adoption of Facilities Master Plan

    Background: At the August 26th BOE meeting, staff reintroduced the Facilities Master Plan. After the presentation the Board agreed to hold a workshop on September 6th to solicit community input.

    At the September 6th workshop, the Board recieved a staff recommendation to go forward with financing Option 2.

    For additional background, see AUSD Facilities.

    The Board approved staff redcommendation financing option 2 with the understanding that they will receive updates on the specific construction projects. Staff will attempt to prepare a list of specific construction projects by early November in order to meet Prop 39 deadlines for placement on the March 2004 ballot.

    8. Oral Reports from Board Members

    Board Member Gibson assured the public that she is not resigning her Board position despite potential employment in another school district.


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