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BOE Meeting for September 26, 2006

1. Student Board Members Installation

Background: Alameda, Encinal and Island High School use their own selective process to select a student Board member. The student Board member installed at the meeting were:

. 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07
Alameda Jia Jia Zhu Christina Chen Delenie Wong Mina Kwan
Encinal Leah Abraham Katie Wonner Jack Newton Cecelia Martinez
Island Chris Martinez Ruby Posadas Sara Lopes Richard Gardner

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

2. Proclamation of Walk & Roll Your Child to School Day

Background: Pedestrain Friendly Alameda is sponsoring Walk & Roll To School Day.

The Board approved the resolution.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

3. Report on Status of Middle School World Language Course Path

Background: Middle school elective courses have been selected by individual school sites. Education Code 512020 and Board Policy Adminstrative Regulation 6143 dictate that "foreign languages are offered beginning no later than grade 7 and are designed to develop a facility for understaning, speaking and writing a particular language". Parents from Wood School expressed concern at prior meeting about Wood's decision to drop French as an elective.

Staff presented information about the current process used by each site to select electives. Staff is recommending a re-evaluation of current elective offerings and implementing a consistent process for selection of course offerings based on:

  • established common criteria
  • course concept proposal
  • course description
  • Board apporval

Parents and educators from the high school expressed additional concerns about the impact to the high foreign language program if French is bought back to Wood in 2007/08.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence and Effective Instruction

5. Enrollment Report

Background: Staff presented day 20 enrollment data.

The report presented at the 9/12 BOE meeting had good news/bad news. The prior years trend of declining enrollment of 200 students did not occur. The decline for 06/07 will be around 50 students. That is the good news. The bad news is that increase in high school attendance and particular increase at specific elementary sites will necessaite the hiring of 5 teachers that were not budgeted. As a result, the District will incur an additional cost of $250,000.

The attendance report is below. In 06/07, elementary population was down 108, middle school is down 20, high school was up 116 and special education was down 24.


. Day One Day Ten Day Twenty
03/04 -738 -106 -83
04/05 -784 -233 -230
05/06 -751 -232 -207
06/07 -489 -55 -36

In order maximize staffing levels and maintain compliance with state law for class size reduction, students are diverted to sites where space is available. In 2006/07 33 students were diverted involuntary and 20 students voluntary choose to be diverted.

At the start of 2006/07 school year, there were 374 interdistrict transfers and 88 students attending school under the Allen Bill.

Fiscal Implications: $400,000 in additional expenditures for 2006/07

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

6. Approval of 2005/06 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report

Background: A report on unaudited actuals for the previous school year was presented.

The Board approved the unaudited actuals.

Fiscal Implications: None

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12



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