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BOE Meeting for October 11, 2005

1. Employee of the Month

Background: Each month the District honors employees who are nominated for outstanding service which directly or indirectly contributes to students. This month honoree is:

  • Jhune Rosalio, Head Custodian, Island High School

Strategic Significance: Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

2. Public Appointment of Lincoln Middle School Principal

Background: The former principal of Lincoln Middle School resigned in August, 2005. A search process was started in September and the candidate would have been presented for recommendation by the Superintendent, if interviews on Saturday, October 8th went well. The Superintendent could not recommend a candidate and the process will continue.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 : Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention

3. Report on Community Input on Superintendent Selection Criteria

Background: In April, 2005, former Superintendent Alan Nishino announced he was leaving the district effective July 1, 2005. The Board of Education made a decision to appoint Ardella Dailey as the interim Superintendent for the 2005/06 school year. In August the Board approved a contract with California School Board Association to assist in the search.

In late September, California School Board Association consultant conducted interviews with selected representatives from various employee, parent and community organizations. In addition, approximately 50 individuals appeared at a community forum to provide input about characteristics, traits and experience they wanted to see in the new Superintendent.

The California School Board Association consultant provide a summary of the input received from the interviews and community meeting.

The primary characteristics that emerged was a cooperative, collabroative leader who was committed to Alameda and closing the achievement gap.

In addition, Board Member McMahon conducted an online survey with over 90 respondents. The results from the survey mirrored the community feedback sessions.

The Board will use this input to select interview questions and interview Ardella Dailey in early November.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

4. Acceptance of SBC Grant for Middle School Literacy Staff Development

Background: The SBC Foundation awards grants to support the development of a diverse technology workforce. This $15,000 grant will support monthly professional development in crticial components of the Prentice Hall curriculum.

Fiscal Implications: $15,000 grant.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1: Curricular Coherence and Effective Instructional Practice and Goal #2: Staff Development

5. Proclamation: United Nations 60th Anniversary Celebration

Background: Alameda Unified School District joins 38 local community organizations to co-sponsor Alameda's 60th anniversary celebration of the United Nations.

Alameda's celebration "We Are the Ones!" will take place on Friday, October 21, at 7:30pm at Kofman Auditorium. Students from Alameda schools will be performing at this free event.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12: Communication and Community Engagement

6. Summer School Report

Background: Students who were enrolled grades 2-8 during 2004-05 school year were eligible for Intervention Summer School based on district criteria for Promotion, Acceleration, Retention and Intervention (PARI).

Elementary school enrollment: 238 regular education and 71 special education and 38 English Langugae Learners were enrolled at Washington School under superivision of Susan Martin. 259 students were enrolled in the middle school program supervised by Laurie MaLachlan-Fry. 728 students were enrolled in the high school program on the first day. The enrollment on August 5 was 491 students.

Strategic Significance: Goal # 5, At Risk Students

7. 21st Century High School After-School Program - Encinal High School

Background: In 2003, the California Legislature established 21st Century After-School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETS) Program.

Last Spring, the California Department of Education announced Encinal was one of 17 high schools to receive for the ASSETS program. The Encinal ASSETs program is funded for $250,000 per year for a five year cycle.

Fiscal Implications: Up to $250,000 a year for five years.

Strategic Significance: Goal # 5, At-Risk Students, Goal #12 Communication and Community Engagement

8. Facilities Master Plan

Background: At the August 22, 2005 Facilities Workshop staff presented an update on Measure C projects. Construction costs had risen sharply and bids were not within the budgeted amounts for Phase 2. Staff was directed to prepare a set of revised projections.

Staff presented revised projections of construction with a reallocation of dollars focused on health and safety priorities. In addition, staff made a recommendation regarding the seismic work at Haight School.

The Baord approved the following recommendations:

  1. Revising the budget for the individual sites based on completing 100% of health and safety priorities.
  2. Approximately $1 million be left for contingencies.
  3. Haight be relocated to Woodstock at the start of 06/07 school year while seismic work is done at Haight school.
  4. The Fixture, Furnishings and Equipment budget be used for District-wid programs.
  5. Only one wing of Historic Alameda High School be seismically upgraded to accomodate growth needs at Alameda High School.

Strategic Significance: Goal # 10. Safe Schools

10. Personnel: District Openers for a New Three Year Contract - California School Employees Association (CSEA) - Office/Technical and Paraprofessional Unit

Background: The District and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) have a contract that expired on June 30, 2005. CSEA openers openers were approved at the August 9th meeting.

The District is submitting their opener for a first read at this meeting.

  • Article 9 - Procedure for Evaulation
    • To review the processes and procedures and if an employee receives an unsatisifactory evaluation, the employee cannot apply for another position until satisifactory.
  • Article 11 - Pay and Allowances
    • To provide a fair and equitable salary increase with the District's ability and means.
  • Article 12 - Health and Welfare - Benefits Administration
    • To provide a fair and equitable health, dental and vision coverage for paraporfessional commensurate with the District's ability to pay
  • Article 21 - Term
    • TO have an agreement with a term of three years effective July 1, 2005.

Action on this will taken at the next meeting.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown at this time.

Strategic Significance: Goal # 3, Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention



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