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Agenda for October 12, 2004

1. Student Board Member Installation

Background: Each year three representatives are selected to serve as student Board members. This year representatives are:

  • Alameda High School - Christina Chen
  • Encinal High School - Katie Wonner
  • Island High School - Ruby Posadas

At the previous meeting Alameda and Encinal representatives were sworn in. At this meeting, the Island representative was sworn in.

2. 2003/04 STAR Report

Background: The California STAR testing program is in the seventh year of administration.

Overall, the District remained constant in the percentage of students scoring proficient and above in English Language Arts with the exception of grades 5, 8 and 10 which demonstrated positive growth. There was significant increase in Mathematics performance for grades 3,4,7 and 8.

AUSD continually monitors the performance of subgroups to measure the district's progress in closing the racial achievement gap. The racial achievement gap is measured by calculating the difference in the percentage of students who score proficient and above in the highest and lowest performing subgroups. The data from 2002-2004 indicates that the gap is widening.

3. Special Education Department Report

Background: Here is a summary of the information contained in a three page report:

  1. AUSD Program
    • Pupil Count = 2001 - 1,149 2002 - 1,150 2003 - 1,212
  2. Staffing
    • There 86 teachers and 120 paraprofessionals employed in the Special Education department.
  3. Funding
    • While the federal legislation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act authorized the funding level at 40%, the current level of funding is 17%.
    • Federal increases in funding levels have been diverted by the previous Governor to offset state deficits.
    • Due to the factors listed, general fund dollars are used to supplement Special Education funds from the federal government. The amounts are as follows:
      2000/01 - $2,000,000
      2001/02 - $1,900,000
      2002/03 - $2,500,000
      2003/04 - $3,600,000
  4. Issue Resolution
    • Issues are resolved at the lowest possible level or with educators closest to the child's educational setting.

4. 2004/05 Strategic Plan Implementation and Accomplishment Report

Background: A presentation of the 2004/05 goals for the AUSD 2003-2008 strategic plan will be presented.

While there are 12 goal area in the Strategic Plan, focused will be placed on five goals:

GOAL #1: Curricular Coherence & Effectve Practices
GOAL #2: Staff Development
GOAL #4: Assessment (Formative, Incremental Testing for Diagnostic Purposes)
GOAL #5: At-Risk Students
GOAL #7: Limited English Proficient Students

5. Approval of 2003-2004 Unaudited Financial Report

Background: Due to missed procedures during closing the books the 2003-2004 Unaudited Financial Report. were revised. The revised report was passed out at the meeting and will be approved at the next meeting.

7. Resolution 04-3909 Certification of Requirement of Education Code Section 60119 for Pupil Textbook and Instructional Materials Incentive Program Foreign Language Books for Grades 6-12 for FY 04-05

Background: Approved the resolution for foreign language textbooks.

8. Approval of Right of Entry Agreement for Catellus School Site

Background: As part of an agreement with the city of Alameda, seven acres of land is to be transferred to the District in the former Naval Air Station East Housing Area. The land is a potential school site for the Bayport housing development.

The contractor currently has a Right of Entry Agreement with the city of Alameda, the current owner of the land, which allows them to enter the land for certain stated purposes. This agreement would terminate if the city no longer own the property.

The city of Alameda has specified as a requirement prior to executing the Quit Claim Deed giving Alameda Unified School District ownership of the property that a Right of Entry be concluded with the infrastructure contractor.

It is a "Right of Entry" for Catellus/Warmington to enter the property for certain specific purposes which are outlined in the agreement. Basically they are to level out the land to final grade (almost complete) and to provide utility "stub outs" for the utilities for the potential school.

The utility portion entails a fifteen foot strip on the three street sides of the property.

The Board approved agreement.



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