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Recap of the October 13 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Employee of the Month

Background: Each month the District honors employees of the month. This month we honored:

  • Lydia Lotti - Director of Fiscal Services
  • Jo Ann Milne - Administrative Assistant, Assistant Superintendent Office

Fiscal Implications: None

2.) Recognition of Teacher of the Year and Finalists

Background: Roberta Rockwell, Lead Speech Theparist, Special Education will be honored as Teacher of the Year. Four other Finalists Anne Smith, First Grade Teacher, Lum Elementary, Sandy Wong, Science Teacher, Alameda High School, Carolyn Cover-Griffith, Sceince Teacher, Alameda High School and Jeanetter Frenchou, Science Teacher, Wood  Middle School will be recognized as Finalists.

Prior winners include:

Pam Curtis 1988 Linda McCluskey 1996 Gwen Wade Stephens 2004
Karen Guthrie 1989 Sue Enger 1997 Anselmo Rios 2005
Joel Baum 1990 Mary Dierking 1998 Nancy Elkin 2006
Teri Olsen 1991 Rufina "Ping" Mejia 1999 Dr. Barry Arberton 2007
Nancy Phillipsen 1992 Roxanne LeBlanc 2000 Brian Rodriguez 2008
Robert Ruark 1993 Kristi Hanelt 2001
Jim Peters 1994 Robert Siltanen 2002
James Richard 1995 Nancy Steimle 2003

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.) Highlighting Alameda Schools - Bay Farm Elementary School

Background: Bay Farm Elementary School mdea 10 minute presentaton highlighting their school.

Fiscal Implications: None

4.) Chipman Middle School Program Improvement Status Update

Background: Staff presented a report on what occurred over the past four years at Chipman including test scores of subgroups, programs implemented and additional intervention efforts.

Fiscal Implications: None

5.) Approval of Board Policy 0420(a) Charter Schools

Background:  Updating Board policy 0420.4(a) will clarify procedural expectations related to charter petitions.  The proposed  language made at the September 22nd BOE meeitng will make explicit that a charter is a contract requiring mutual accountability focused on student achievement and affirms AUSD staff will evaluate carefully the merits of charter petitions based on all applicable legal requirements and assure that AUSD monitors charter schools sufficiently. There were minor changes made at the request of the Board. Board approved the revised policy.

Fiscal Implications: None

6.) School Site Council Report: Collaborative Training Between Alameda Education Association and Alameda Unified School District

Background: On October 21 a joint training for School Site Council members will be conducted by AEA and AUSD.

Fiscal Implications: None

7.) Alameda Education Association Master Plan Survey Results

Background: During the past summer, AEA leadership met with AUSD Executive Cabinet to discuss ways for AEA members to provide the Board with input on the Master Plan. A survey was completed in the first week of school. AEA shared the survey results.

Fiscal Implications: None

8.) Report on Master Plan Magnet School Survey Results

Background: Staff presented a recap of the results from a survey requesting preferences regarding magnet schools.

Fiscal Implications: None

9.) Strategic Intervention Model Professional Developer Certification

Background: In the third year of district wide implementation of Strategic Instruction Model. In order to sustain the roll out of the program, staff has been taking training to be certified as SIM trainers. Tonight six teachers will receive their certification.

Fiscal Implications: None

10.) Summer School Report

Background:  Staff presented a report on the 2009 Summer School session.

Fiscal Implications: None

11.) First 20 Days of School Enrollment

Background:  Staff presented a report on enrollment levels at Day 20.

Fiscal Implications: None

12.) PUBLIC HEARING: Approval of Resolution 09-0057 Certification of Requirement of Education Code Section 60119 for Pupil Textbook and Instructional Materials Incentive Program for K-12 for Fiscal Year 2009 

Background:  Each year the Board of Education must ensure they fully complied with the requirements of Education Code 60119. The Board approved the resolution.

Fiscal Implications: None