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BOE Meeting for October 14 BOE Meeting

1.) Employee of the Month

Background: Each month the school district recognizes employee who has been selected as the employee of the month. This month we recognized Carmen Diaz, School Office Manager at Otis Elementary.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #4 Recruit and retain high qualified personnel.

2.) 20th Day of School Enrollment Status Report

Background: Staff presented a report on the 20th Day of school enrollment across the District.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align fiscal resources.

3.) Educational Technology Plan - Update

Background: Staff presented an update on the 2007-10 Technology Plan.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align fiscal resources.

4.) East Bay Regional Occcupational Agency Joint Excerise of Powers Agreement for a Regional Occupation Program

Background: In May, 2008 staff made a presentation on why the current Oakland-Alameda Regional Occupation Program needed to be changed. As a result, a new East Bay Regional Joint Power Agreement has been drafted. Staff made a presentation on the proposed changes to the program.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #1 Improve student achievement.

5.) Superintendent Search Update: Role of Newly Elected Board Members & Consideration fo Site Visit to District of Candidate Finalist

Background: Superintendent Dailey announced her retirement in early July and her retirement is effective January, 2009. The California School Boards Association has been selected to conduct a search process for a new Superintendent. The Board agreed that the role of newly elected official will be to participate in the discussion of Finalists and interviews of the Superintendent.

2008 Superintendent Selection Process

September 8 (Lum Elementary) and September 22 (Ruby Bridges Elementary) : Community Meetings

CSBA conducted one on one interviews with selected community and district stakeholders during the day. In the evening, CSBA faciltated broader community meetings at one West End school and one East End School. The purpose of the community meetings was to solicit input about what the Board should be looking for in selecting the next Superintendent.
September 23 Board Meeting
CSBA presented a summary of community input.
October 22 - Application Period Ends
Candidates will need to submit their application by this date.
November 15 and November 16 - Interviews
The November dates gives the existing Board the flexibility to accomodate newly elected Board members in the process.



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