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BOE Meeting for October 24, 2006

1. Measure C Bond Oversight Committee report

Background:A report from the Measure C Oversight Committee will be given. This item was deferred since the Chairman from the Committee was unavailable.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Environment

2. Chipman School Assistance Improvement Team (SAIT) Report

Background: The Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP) was established in 1999. Schools that scored below the 50th percentile on the achievement tests both in the spring of 1998 and in the spring of 1999 were invited to participate in the Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program. Chipman Middle School agreed to participate in the program.

Schools participating in the II/USP Program must make positive growth on the Schoolwide Academic Performance Index (API) in either of the two funded implementation years and each year thereafter until the school exits the program, or the school is deemed state-monitored. In Chipman's case, starting 2001 with an API score of 614, they 19,13& 28 API points until last year when they experienced a 2 point drop in API. Education Code sections 52055.5 and 52055.51 require the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, with the approval of the State Board of Education, to impose various sanctions on state-monitored schools. In 2005, the SAIT team presented their findings at the November 22, 2005 BOE Meeting and May 23, 2006 BOE Meeting.

The SAIT team presented their findings from their visit on October 12, 2006. Progress continues to be made but the real measure will the required one point gain in API score needed at the end of the year.

Strategic Significance: Goal #5 At Risk Students

3. Resolution 06-4067 Voter Education and Participation Month

Item Type: Action (5 minutes)

Background: The Secretary of State and the California School Board Association have declared October as "Voter Education and Particpation Month".

The Board approved the resolution.Strategic Significance: Goal #12 Communications and Community Engagement

4. Recommendation for 2006/07 Budget Revisions and Plan for 2007/08 Spending Reductions

Item Type: Action (30 minutes)

Background: On June 27, 2006 the Board approved a balanced budget with an ending balance of $5,000,000 that met 3% required reserve level, and left an available balance of $2,700,000 for spending priorities. On July 19, 2006 the District lost an arbitration decision and costing the District $2,100,000 per year retroactive to July 1, 2005. In the current fiscal year (06/07), the arbitration decision will cost $4,200,000 ($2,100,000 for FY05/06; $2,100,000 for FY06/07). The impact of the arbitration decision to the District will be a shortfall of $1,500,000.

Since the school year began, the Disrict has made budget revisions to add staffing as required by contractual obligations ($550,000) and to pay for various special education settlements ($100,000). The budget revisions to date total $700,000 and result in an additional decrease to the District's reserves. The impact of the arbitration decision ($1,400,000) and the budget revisions ($700,000) is total shortfall in our reserves of $2,100,000.

Our goal is to replenish the District fund reserves for Fiscal Year 2006/07 to meet the 3% level required by the State to avoid sanctions. The District must take spending reductions by February 27, 2007 to fund on-going costs. Staff will review the spending revisions aimed at replenishing the Fiscal Year 2006/07 reserves and the timeline to identify and approve the spending reductions for Fiscal Year 2007/08.

Item Amount Type Description
Cateogrical Block Grant Transfer $105,097 On-Going AB 825 allows school districts to transfer funds between specified grants. Specifically, up to 15% can be transferred out of a block grant, and up to 20% transferred into a block or stand-alone grant. This transfer requires annual Board approval. Impact: Decrease in funds available to school sites under the School and Library Improvement Block Grant; decreases in the general fund contribution to Special Education. To minimize the impact to school sites, only one-third of the allowed central services allocation will be implemented this year. In other words, the AUSD will allocate 5% of the grant award for Central Services instead of 15%, which is allowed and standard practice. This will result in a 20% decrease in school site funds instead of a 20% decrease, which was implemented last year.
Developer Fees $188,003 One-Time (FY06/07) Ed Code 17620(a)(5) allows scholl ditricts to use up to 4% of developer fees to reimburse the district for the administrative costs incurred to collect those fees (Fund 25). The AUSD can collect this charge for the four most current recetn fiscall years; this charge is subject to the review and approval of our auditor. We are currently working with our auditor, and expect final approval by October 20th. Impact: Decrease in Developer Fees Funds available for capital improvements.
Adult Education $237,350 One-Time (FY06/07) Ed Code 52616.4 allows scholl ditricts to use up to 8% of Adult Education (Fund 11) revenue in lieu of chargin direct support costs (e.g. instructional administration, school administration, plant maintenance and operation costs, and facilities costs). The AUSD can collect this fee for the four most recent fiscal years; this charge is subject to the review and approval of our auditor. We are currently working with our auditor, and expect final approval by October 20th. The Adult Education Fund (Fund 11)has an FY06/07 Beginning Fund Balance of $918,000. Impact: Decrease in Adult Education Balance; will not impact curent year services.
Reimbursement for Deferred Mandated Cost Claims ($1,130,856 recieved as of 10/17/2006) $1,561,053 One-Time (FY06/07) The FY06/07 Budget Act funds to cover 100% of deferred mandated cost reimbursements. This appropriation translates to almost $1,600,000 to the AUSD for claims from FY01/02 to FY04/05 (FY05/06 claims are not ready at this time). The Office of the State Controller (OSC) is actively auditing claims. On average, the OSC has disallowed 80% of claims. The audit period extends for three years from the date a rembursement is issued. Impact: Temporarily replenishes fund reserve.
TOTAL $2,091,503 . .

Please note, the shortfall in the reserve results from on-going costs. These costs require on-going funds. The AUSD must make spending reductions for FY07/08 to fund the ongoing costs. The timeline to identify and approve the spending reductions for FY07/08 is detailed below.

Task Completion Date Responsible Vehicle
Identify committee members(Brandon Kreguer, Luz Cazares, Debbie Wong, Sean McPhetridge, Barbara Lee, Mike Janvier, Laurie Fry and Katie Lyons are on the committee.) October 23, 2006 Executive Cabinet Executive Cabinet Meeting
Develop preliminary list of spending reductions December 15, 2006 Committee Series of Meetings (October 30 - December 15, 2006)
Present preliminary list of spending reductions to Superintendent Council and gather feedback January 17, 2007 Ardella Superintendent Council Meeting
Present preliminary list of spending reductions to Extended Cabinet with Principals and gather feedback Janaury 22, 2007 Ardella, Luz Extended Cabinet Meeting
Present preliminary list of spending reductions to Community and gather feedback Janaury 26, 2007 Ardeall, Luz Community Meeting (two meetings)
Finalize list of spending reductions incorporating feedbackl from Extended Cabinet, Superintendent's Coucnil, and the Community Janaury 29, 2007 Executive Cabinet Executive Cabinet Meeting
Review spending reductions February 13, 2007 Board, Ardella, Luz BOE Meeting
Approve spending reductions February 27, 2007 Board BOE Meeting
Approve resolutions for reduction in workforce for management, certificated and classified staff March 6, 2007 Board Special BOE Meeting
Incorporate spending reductions in 2ns Interim report to the Alameda County of Education March 27, 2007 Luz 2nd Interim Report

Fiscal Implications: Undetermined at this time

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

5. Discussion of PE Credit for Marching Band Participation

Background: Encinal Marching Band and Color Guard members made a request at Spring Board meeting to grant Physical Education credits for participation in these activities.

Staff presented material on this request and could not recommended providing physical education credit for marching band. However, they do suggest that the Board could explore granting a waiver on student by student basis.

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Curricular Coherence



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