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BOE Meeting for October 28, 2003

Under staff reports, Chief Personnel Officer Stan Rose reported that "In response to public interest to achieve a multi-year calendar, we have got our arms around a mutually agreeable proposal that I think you will like."

1. Alameda Unified School District Measure A Report

Background: With the closing of the books for 2002-03, the actual revenues and expenditures umder Measure A are now available. The unaudited actual expenditures of $2,192,703 occurred in 2002/03. The list of expenditures represents items presented to the public to justify the passage of Measure A.

Actual revenues in 2002/2003 were approximately $1,700,000.

Due to budget cuts for 2003/04, funding for a school resource officer of $112,000 has been eliminated. Along formula drive reductions based on Average Daily Atendance at various grade levels, the overall budgeted expenditures for 2003/04 is $2,065,640 (total reduction of $127,000). On the revenue side, Senior expemtions dropped from 2,061 to 1,913 and the number of parcels increased from 16,924 to 17,176. 2003/04 projected revenues are approximately $1,800,000.

2. Update on SB 67: The California Childhood Obesity Prevention Act of 2003

Background: Governor Davis recently signed SB 677 limiting the sale of certain beverages on elementary, middle and junior high school campuses beginning July 1, 2004.

Approved beverages are water, milk, 100% fruit juice.

Fiscal Implications: Miniaml losses associated of soda sales at Middle school depending on the purchase of substitue beverages

3. Alameda Community Learning Center Oversight Report

Background: Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) had Chuck Cadman, School Consulting Incorporated conduct an on site visit and review of pertinent documents.

Chuck Cadman report indicated at the end of the two years, it appears Alameda Community Learning Center ahs made good progress in fulfilling the commitments made in the Charter.

In addition, a number of recommendations/questions were presented:

  • Inclusion of Brown Act, Public Records Act anc Conflict of Interest documentation in ACLC operation documents
  • Clarifiaction on expenditures related liability insurance
  • Review of ACLC reserves sufficiency
  • Review of staff's credentialing in light of new federal legisaltion, No Child Left Behing
  • Further detailed financial examination of fiscal costs of school and the impact on AUSD's general fund
  • 4. Board Meeting Format

    Background: The Board of Education has met three previous times to discuss changing the format of Board meeting. Additional background from other School districts has been provided.

    Board Member Jensen has been tasked to present a proposal at the next Board meeting for a vote. Items to be covered in the proposal include when speaker slips can be turned, what public input will be allowed prior to agendized items, when speakers will be allowed to address the Board on agendized items.



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