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BOE Meeting for November 9th, 2004

1. Recognition of Living Healthy Contest Winners

Background: Alameda's twelve elementary schools, and Lincoln Middle School, participated in the 4th Annual Wlak and Roll to School Day held October 13, 2004.

The Board of Education, Pedestrian Friendly America, and the UC Cooperative Extension recognized the prize winners in each category, Grades K-1, Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-5.

2. Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Medical Occupations Report

Background: in order to address the AUSD Strategic Plan that pertains to Goal #11, Vocational, Career and Adult Education, the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) has incorporated into its curriculum. A Certificate of Completion is issued at the end of the year to students with letter grade of "B" or higher for both semesters. The certificate itemizes the student's areas of basic knowledge and skill as deomstrated by participation, class activities, and assignments. Medical Occupations can be counted toward college credit for Health, when students attend a Peralta college withing two years of graduation.

3.Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Report

Item Type: Information (10 minutes)

Background: In September, 2002 the Board adopted an Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM). A progress report on implementing the policy and future activities was given. In September, 2003 the use of Round Up was eliminated. As a result, school sites will experience an increase in the number of weeds at their sites.



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