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Minutes for November 12, 2003 BOE Meeting

1. Employee of the Month

Background: The persons being honored were: Debbie Garica, SPED, Counseling Enriched Program, Charell Condoll, SPED, Counseling Enriched Program

2. Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Report

Background: Local Education Agencies are required annually to submit to the California Department of Education, a Career Technical Edcuation Enrollment and Program Completion Report. Highlights from the report include:

  • 974 (versus 971 last year) students enrolled in Career and Technical Edcuation courses
  • Students can enroll in a number of articulated courses with the Peralta Community College District and receive college credit with a grade of B or higher
  • 3. Report on School Site Council Training

    Background: A district wide School Site Council training was held on October 15th at Haight School. Over 90 people attended with all 18 school sites represented.

    4. Report on the Update of the District Facility Assessment

    Background: The Board conducted a three hour workshop on September 6th. At the workshop staff recommended financing Option 2 to address a high level Site by Site needs listed in the Facilities Master plan.

    The Board of Education at the September 9th BOE meeting approved staff recommendation to obtain approximately $57 million via a General Obligation bond. The Board directed staff to update and refine the facility needs and costs by site in the Master Plan.

    The presentation provided a revised schedule based on an employee survey and an public opinion survey conducted by Alamedans for Better Schools. In addition to a revised listing of projects, staff recapped the total amount being spent by site from the Modernization project in 1999/2000 and the proposed 2004 bond.

    Fiscal Implications: None

    5. Resolution No. 03-3824 of the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education Ordering an Election and Establishing Specifications of the Election Order

    Background: In order to place a measure on the March 2004 ballot, the Board of Education must adopt a resolution that is consistent with the requirements of Prop 39. The four page resolution along ballot wording and an eight page listing of the projects will be presented. The Board of Education must take action by December 5th in order the measure to be placed on the March 2004 ballot.

    Proposed Ballot Measure Language

    Alameda School Repair Measure To renovate aging neighborhood schools, improve student safety conditions, relieve classroom overcrowding, construct, equip, upgrade classrooms, facilities and sites, and qualify for over $17 million in State matching funds, shall the Alameda Unified School District extend issue $63 million of bnds at legal rates, with annual audits and citizen oversight, with no proceeds going to the State and all funds remaining in Alameda to benefit neighborhood schools without increasing existing tax rates?

    Fiscal Implications: None

    6. Board Meeting Format

    Background: The Board of Education has met four previous times to discuss changing the format of Board meeting. The Board reviewed proposed changes to the format.

    A motion was made to change to the format as follows:

  • Speaker slips can be turned in prior to the introduction of an agenda item.
  • Non-agenda and agenda items can be dicussed during Oral Communications.
  • Public comment on agenda items will occur after staff presentation and before Board questions.


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