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BOE Meeting for November 25 BOE Meeting

1.) Introduction: Superintendent of Schools

Background: Kirsten Vital, Associate Superintendent in Oakland has accepted the position of Superintendent, effective January 1, 2009. She was introduced to the community.

Fiscal Implications: None

2.) Decision Regarding the Charter Proposal Received from Nea Community Learning Center Schools, inc.

Background: On October 3, Community Learning Center School, Inc. submitted a charter school application (12MB file so be patient waiting for the load) to the District. Representatives from Nea made a presentation at the October 28 BOE meeting.

Staff presented their recommendation at the meeting.

The Board voted 3-1 (Schaff absent) to approve the staff recommendation of approving the charter application pending the completion of the MOU.

Fiscal Implications: If approved, there will be undetermined fiscal impact to the district.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #1 Improve student achievement.

3.) Math Summit Report

Background: On November 13 the District conducted a Math Summit. Staff gave a presentation on the work of the Summit.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #1 Improve student achievement.



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