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BOE Meeting – 11/26/2002

Items of Note from Board Meeting
1. Catellus Site Woodstock School
2. Kofman Auditorium
3. Board Member Report

1. Catellus Site - Woodstock

Background: The revised Master facilities plan (still awaiting Board approval) recommended building a new school at the Catellus site. In order to open by September 2004, the process needed to start two months ago.

Presentation: Bob DeLuca presented a number of action items to get the process started including authorization to select an architect, issue a certificate of participation (bridge loan that could become permanent) and create a design committee. The architect needs to finish design work by the end of January so the process of creating plans for State review can be done on time.

The architect will be designing a K-8 school for the following reasons: 1.) Anticipated middle school attendance projected over the next 5 years 2.) It is easier to change from a K-8 configuration to K-5 configuration then the other way around. 3.) No plausible alternatives for dealing with the middle school bubble at this time. 

Implications: 1.) The certification of participation obligates the District to use developer fees to fund the District’s 50% participation portion of the project unless there is a Bond approved. 2.) Due to tight timelines, approval of the Catellus site may happen before the Board approves the revised Master facilities plan.

2. Kofman Auditorium

Background: The Historic Alameda High School Foundation (HAHSF) has identified a need to repair/replace the rigging over the stage at Kofman Auditorium.

Presentation: HAHSF wanted to know if AUSD would be willing to split the $90,000 cost for the repairs/replacement. No one on the Board gave an indication that they would be willing to do so.

Implications: The HAHSF would have to donate the entire amount or the rigging will remain in its current condition.

3. Board Member Report

A: Dr. Nishino mentioned the Public Utilities Board approved AUSD’s request to place check off box of $1 for voluntary contributions to the Alameda Enterprise project. 

Implications: A potential source of monies to deal with the Digital Divide.


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