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BOE Meeting for December 9, 2003

1. Appointment of Director of Woodstock Child Development Center

Background: Staff was not able to present the candidate at this meeting. The candidate will be presented for recommendation at the next meeting.

2. Recognition of PTA Reflections Contest Winners

Background: The National PTA Reflections Program is an annual arts recogntion and achievement program for K-12 students. The theme for 2003-4 was "I Am Really Happy When . . ."

This fall over 600 students participated in the program from 11 school sites. The Alameda PTA REflections Contest Chair Pam Chang will presented the first place winnners, who will go on to compete a county wide competition.

Literature/Primary Cari Hartigan Edison Elementary
Photography/Primary Linnea Arneson Paden Elementary
Music/Primary Jake Wong Paden Elementary
Visual Arts/Primary Devon Yee Edison Elementary
Literature/Intermediate Brian Harris Bay Farm Elementary
Photography/Intermediate Andres Vargas-Johnson Lum Elementary
Music/Intermediate Chrstina Bailey Lincoln Middle School
Music/Intermediate Sae Hee Lee Earhart Elementary
Visual Arts/Intermediate Irene Smith Edison Elementary
Visual Arts/Intermediate Joey Ruiz Washington Elementary
Literature/Middle School Ryan Raphael Lincoln Middle School
Photography/Middle School Virginia Marcus Bay Farm Elementary
Visual Arts/Middle School Taylor McAdam Lincoln Middle School
Visual Arts/High School Kuroshi Khajvandi Encinal High School

3. Approve the CPR/PAD Program

Background: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Public Access to Defibirillation (PAD) training using automatic external defibrillators was recommended for all AUSD freshmen during Physical Education classes. The goal is to bring CPR training back to the high schools as listed in the California Health Edcuation Framework.

The CPR/PAD program will be funded through grants and donations by the Bank of Alameda, Alameda Hosiptal Foundation and the American Heart Association. There will be no cost to the District.

Students and staff are covered by good Samartian laws, so there is no liability to the District.

The Board approved the CPR/PAD program.

4. Calendar Report and Draft Proposal

Background: Using a variety of public survey information, the District and the Alameda Education Association (AEA) entered into negotiations about the calendar in the September, 2003. The District and the AEA achieved a tentative agreement on October 21, 2003 identfying a three-year successor calendar for the school years 2004 through 2007:

2004/05 Calendar

2005/06 Calendar

2006/07 Calendar

Although it has become clear that no calendar serves all needs for all people, this agreement represented a balance of all the input received.

At the meeting, AEA President Glenda McDowell presented the following information: After receiving a tentative agreement, the negotiations team met with the Executive Council and Rep Council in November to present the calendar. The Executive Council and Rep Council agreed to present the calendar proposal to membership for a vote. The proposal was given to the membership prior to the Thanksgiving long weekend. After the long weekend the vote was conducted while Glenda visited schools to answer questions regarding the calendar. Glenda indicated a late submission of the Encincal High School votes and mismatch of the number of ballots versus the number of teacher signatures from Alameda High School precluded AEA from using approximately 150 potential ballots. With those sites excluded, Glenda indicated by a vote 118 YES and 195 NO the calendar proposal did not pass. Glenda did indicate that vote from the high school would not have changed outcome had they been included. Glenda was not able to offer any definitive reason why the membership did not pass the calendar proposal. Potential concerns centered around the lack of a October break and choppy Winter Break in 2005/06 and 2006/07 calendar.

After discussion about potential courses of action, the Board decided to separate the calendar proposal into a one year calendar proposal for 2004/05. The Board voted 5-0 to "approve" (not adopt) the 2004/05 Calendar. It was hoped that by taking this action, AEA leadership will consider taking the one year calendar proposal back to its membership for a vote.

5. First Interim Report

Background: Twice a year the Board of Education reviews/approves the 2003/04 Financial Report This report represents the first interim report for the period ending October 31, 2003.

The major change from the original adopted budget in June 30 to October 31 first interim financial is the inclusion of a one-time flexibility transfer of unspent restricted funds to the unrestricted fund balance. As a result, $1 million is being added to our Ending General Fund balance. Without the $1 million transfer the County would not be able to certify the financial soundness of AUSD financial reports per AB1200 requirements.

6. Approval of Budget Development Calendar FY 2004/05

Background: The Board approves the Budget Development Calendar for each year to assist the District in its budget development.

The Board approved the budget development calendar.



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