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BOE Meeting for Decemeber 14, 2004

Report from the Superintendent/Staff: The Superintendent announced that settlement with Catellus/Warmington has been reached. The developers of the Bayport site had sued the District over additional developer fees. The $1,200,000 settlement covers the entire project of 400+ new homes. In addition, the Superintendent indicated that the District had received title to the Bayport property.

1. Recognition of PTA Reflection Contest Winners

Background: 633 entries participated inthe PTA Reflection Contest. This year's theme was "A Different Kind of Hero..." This year's winners advancing to compete at the Perlata Distrcit level are:

Visual Arts . .
Jose Custodio High School Division Encinal High School
Megan Foster Middle School Division Lincoln Middle School
Christina Smith Intermediate (3-5) Haight Elementary
Martina Bradley Primary (K-2) Edison Elementary
Literature . .
Tyler Flowerday Middle School Division Lincoln Middle School
Jessica Robbins Middle School Division Lincoln Middle School
Brian Wong Intermediate (3-5) Otis Elementary
Julia Landreth Primary (K-2) Bay Farm Elementary
Photography . .
Scott Rude Middle School Division Bay Farm Elementary
Justin Fong Intermediate (3-5) Bay Farm Elementary
Skylar Herrera Primary (K-2) Earhart Elementary
Music . .
Andrew Ramos Middle School Division Lincoln Middle School
Christopher Maier Intermediate (3-5) Bay Farm Elementary
Kelly Desmond Primary (K-2) Edison Elementary

Past year's winners are listed in the minutes of the December 2003 BOE Meeting and December 2002 meeting.

2. Employee of the Month

Background: Each month the District recognizes outstanding employees. This month Donato Hernandez, Head Custodian, District Office was recognized.

3. Presentation by Architect on Design of New School Facility

Background: The Board reviewed the design plans for the new school at the Bayport site. The drawings are ready to be submitted to Department of State Architect. The school is scheduled to open in September, 2006.

4. 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Grant Award

Background: The 21st Century Community Learning Centers program is authorized under Title IV, Part B, of the Education and Secondary Education Act. Alameda's implementation will be called LEAPS (Learning Enrichment Academic Pride and Self-Esteem).

Fiscal Implications: Acceptance of $392,250 Grant for five years.

5. Joint Use Agreement with City of Alameda

Background: As part of the Omnibus Agreement between the City of Alameda and the Alameda Unified School District, the District received 8 acres of land for a school in the new Bayport site. A subsequent amendment to this agreement reduced the acreage to 7 acres but joined it with a City of Alameda Park site. The Site Approval request to the California Department of Education could then indicate there is 11 acree available for students to utilize if a joint use agreement could be arranged.

The Board approved the joint use agreement with the City of Alameda for the Bayport site. The joint use agreement will allow school use of the park during school hours, community use of the school asphalt play grounds after school hours and allows ARPD to construct a Community Building on AUSD property.

6. Approval of the First Interim Report

Background: The Board approved the first interim report for 2004/05 fiscal year.

In addition, the Chief Financial Officer presented a Fiscal Recovery Plan to address the projected $2,400,000 deficit in 2005/06.

8. Nomination for CSBA Delegate Assembly

Background: The California School Boards Association elects delegates to the CSBA Delegate Assembly.

The Board will discuss nomination of a representative to the Delegate Assembly. No one from the Alameda Board was interested in serving at this time.

9. Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

Barbara Guenther and Bob Reeves were recognized for their service to the community as they completed their terms of office.



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