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Recap for December 14 Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Oath of Office for Members Elected November 2, 2010 Election: Margie Sherratt and Mike McMahon

Background: Margie Sherratt and Mike McMahon were sworn into office..

Fiscal Implications: None.

2.) Election of Board President

Background: Each year at the annual organizational meeting, the Board elects a President. Ron Mooney was reelected as Board President.

Fiscal Implications: None

3.) Election of Board President

Background: Each year at the annual organizational meeting, the Board elects a Vice-President. Margie Sherratt was elected Vice President.

Fiscal Implications: None4.) Recognition of Alameda High School Girls' Golf Team

Background: AUSD recognized the AHS golf team for its performance and Grace Na for being the medalist at the State tournament.

Fiscal Implications: None

5.) Recognition of Encinal High School FootballTeam

Background: AUSD recognized the Encinal football team for making it to NCS finals for the third year in a row.

Fiscal Implications: None

6.) Employees of the Month

Background: Each we honored employees nominated for employee of the month. This month we recognized: Robyn Kondo.

Fiscal Implications: None

7.) Information Regarding 2011/12 School Calendar Feedback

Background: AUSD is conducting a sruvey to solicit feedback from the community regarding the 2011/12 school year calendar. The public was encouraged to go to the AUSD wesbite to take the survey.

Fiscal Implications: None

8.) Final Recommendation of Closure/Consolidation of Schools in 2011/12 and 2012/13 School Year - Phase I, Phase II

Background: Staff provided their final recommendations on school closures/consolidations at the November 23 meeting. Staff presented their recommendation at this meeting. The Board approved the recommendation.

Fiscal Implications: TBD.

9.)  Approval of First Interim Budget and Final Strategic Budget Reductions

Background: Staff present the preliminary First Interim budget and strategic budget reductions at the November 23 meeting. Staff recommended  adoption of the first interim for the 2010/11 school year along with strategice budget reductions. The Board adopted the recommendation.

Fiscal Implications: None.

10.) Approval of the 2011 Schedule of Regular Board of Education Meetings

Background: Each year the Board approves a calendar of regular Board meetings. The Board approved the calendar.

Fiscal Implications: None.

11.) Approval of Board Committee Assignments

Background: Each year the Board approves Board committee assignments. Each Board member selected committees they wished to serve on.

Fiscal Implications: None.

12.) California School Board Association (CSBA) Annual Conference Report

Background: Board members shared their insights from attending the Annnual CSBA conference in San Francisco.

Fiscal Implications: None.

13.) Board Member Reports