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Recap for December 15 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Resolution 09-0079 _Recommend Approval of Academy of Alameda Charter Petition

Background: The staff presentation recommended approving of a resolution for the Academy of Alameda charter petition .

Fiscal Implications: Up to $1 million depending on the decisions made by the petitioners to use District services.

2.) State Student Achievement Data: English Language Learners

Background:  Staff was to make a presentation of the achievement data of English Language Learners.  This item was moved to January due to time constraints.

Fiscal Implications: None

3.) Approval of Adult School Proposal for Fee for Services and Programs

Background: Due to State funding reductions of 20%, staff presentedrecommendation to reduce staff, suspend instruction and start charging fees. The Board approved fees for services policy.

Fiscal Implications: Generate income and savings of $235,000.

4.) Approval of Demographic Study

Background: Staff presented the final draft of the demographic study. The Board approved the study.

Fiscal Implications: The Facilities Master Plan and Demographic study was budgeted for  $60,000 paid out of developer fees.

5.) DRAFT Facilities Master Plan

Background: Staff presented a draft of the Facilities Master Plan. There were numerous questions so staff will bring revisions back for a January meeting.

Fiscal Implications: The Facilities Master Plan and Demographic study was budgeted for  $60,000 paid out of developer fees.

6.) Fiscal Update on Program Costs - Budgets by Resources and Programs

Background: This item was moved to January.

Fiscal Implications: None

7.) Fiscal Update on Program Costs - School Site and Department Budgets

Background: Staff presented an overview of the school site and departmental budgets for 2009/10. 

Fiscal Implications: None

8.) PUBLIC HEARING: Budget Categorical Flexibility - Arts & Music Block Grant

Background: A public hearing was conducted for categorical flexibility for Arts and Music Block Grant.

Fiscal Implications: None

9.) Approval of Joint Use Agreement with Alameda Boys and Girls Club

Background: Staff will be presented a joint use agreement between the District and the Alameda Boys and Girls Club. The Board approved the agreement.

Fiscal Implications: None

10.) Approval of Single School Site Plans

Background:  Single school site plans from Alameda High School, ASTI, Chipman Middle School, Encinal High School and Washington Elementary School were presented and approved by the Board.

Fiscal Implications: None

11.) Update on Aeries Student Information System Project Plan

Background:  Staff presented an update on the implementation of the new student information system Aeries.

Fiscal Implications: None

12.) Report on Master Plan Survey Results

Background:  Staff presented a report on the Master Plan survey results.

Fiscal Implications: None

13.) California School Boards Association (CSBA) Annual Conference Report

Background: Board member shared their observations from attending the Annual Conference for the California School Board Association.

Fiscal Implications: Total costs was approximately was $6,000 for the five board members and the Superintendent.