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BOE Special Meetings 01/07/03

1. New Board Member Orientation Workshop

Background: As an elected official, school Board members are covered the Brown Act. The intent of the Brown Act is to ensure their actions be take openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly As a result, we have restrictions on how we can meet to discuss District business. The intent of the workshop was introduced the new Board members to processes and protocols of how Alameda school board functions.

Presentation: Using materials from a prior California School Board Assocation governance workshop for Alameda, the Board members discussed Board Protocols and Processes. Specifically we discussed the following topics:

  • Communcations - Board/ Superintendent
  • Communcations - Board Members to Board Members
  • Board Meeting Management
  • Explaining Votes
  • Individual board member requests for information
  • Confidentiality

  • The discussion lasted two hours.


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