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Source:2/8/05 BOE Meeting

2005/06 Spending Reduction Plan

Approved 2/8/2005

After a series of Board meetings and Board workshops, the Board of Education approved the following items as part of a Spending Reduction Plan for 2005/06. The plan does not meet the 3% reserve requirements and could result in a negative certification from the County Office of Education and the appointment of a fiscal advisor.

Increase Revenue by Increasing Attendance by .6% $289,300
Adjust Teacher Staffing as a Result of Lower Enrollment $286,620
Utilize Measure C Funds for Equipment Purchases $191,941
Assign 1 Principal to 2 Schools $106,568
Transfer Expenses to Restricted Programs $102,094
Implement a Spending Freeze in the District Office Only $100,000
Utilize Measure C Funds for Certain Administrative Expenses $76,000
Reduce District Office Clerical Support $74,305
Eliminate a Carpenter Position $67,319
Reduce Teacher Staffing at Second Semester $57,000
Implement the Mega-Item Transfer Provision $55,000
Implement a Hiring Freeze Districtwide $50,000
Reduce Clerical Staffing at Encinal High School $31,758
Reduce Independent Study Teachers by .50 fte $28,500
Reduce the Encroachment by the Special Education Program $25,000
Reduce Maintenance/Operations/Facilities (MOF) Staffing $24,000
Reduce Energy Use by 5% $20,000
Reduce English Language Development (ELD) Expenditures $20,000
Reduce Use of Substitute Custodians $10,000
Reduce Overtime $10,000
                                                       TOTAL: $1,625,405

Background: At the December 11th BOE Meeting, the first interim finacial was presented. During the presentation, the projected $2,400,000 deficit was explained. On January 18th, the Board received community input regarding the potential budget reductions.

At the January 25th BOE Meeting the chief financial officer presented staff/Superintendent's recommendations for $2,377,000 in budget reductions for the Board's review.

At the February 1st BOE workshop the chief financial officer presented an alternative set of staff/Superintendent's recommendations of $1,625,000 for the Board's review. This alternative set of recommendations assumes the passage of legislation that allow the District to maintain an interim 1.5% reserve rather than the required 3% reserve.

Staff recommended the passage of the alternative budget recommendation of $1,625,000.

At the February 8th BOE meeting, the Board altered the recommendation by adding an item to adding one principal to two schools and reducing the reduction to one clerical FTE at Encinal High School as well as lowering the target savings from Special Education from $100,000 to $25,000.

Prior Board of Education Approved Budget Reductions

2003 Reductions Totaling $1,700,000

2001 Reductions Totaling $1,600,000


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