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Source: February 28th, 2006 Board Meeting

For additional background, you can visit 2006/07 Budget Recap for AUSD. In January, the Board had already approved the consolidating of Miller school into Woodstoock resulting in $300,000 savings.

For additional background on the tiered recommendations presented at the February 14 meeting see Tiered Recommendations for 06/07 Budget Reductions.

Items from Tier A2

Item # Item Amount
1 Close Longfellow School $300,000
2 Reduce Special Education $90,000
3 Restructure English Language Department $70,000
4 Eliminate Paden 6-8 Program $50,000
7 Reduce Business Services $7,400
. Total $517,400

The Board voted 4 to 1 to approve the list above. Board Member McMahon voted no indicating that projected State budget would give the District over $3 million in new monies for 2006/07 and leave the District with $1 million over the required 3% reserve. He stated he would prefer to wait a year to assess the impact of Summer House project before closing Longfellow.


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