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2005/06 Budget

Due to a series of events in 2004, Alameda Unified School District had to make budget reductions of $2,400,000 for 2005/06 school year. Below is additional information related to this topic.

Board Action Taken on 2/8/05

Approved 2005 Budget Reduction Plan totaling $1,625,000

Financial Data

2004/05 First Interim Report
Explanation of $2,400,000 Projected Deficit
Projected versus Actual Enrollment Report (01/05)
Average Daily Attendance for 2002/03 and 2003/04
2003 Board Approved Reductions of $1,700,000
2001 Board Approved Reductions of $1,600,000

Fiscal Recovery Team Information

Initial List of Items to be Considered totaling over $6,000,000
Initial List with Additional Explanation presented at January 18th Workshop
Proposed $2,377,000 in budget reductions presented at January 25th BOE meeting
Alternative Budget Recommendation totaling $1,625,000 using the 1.5% Reserve Assumption presented at the February 1st workshop

Community Input

January 18th Board Workshop Recap
Notes from January 18th
CSEA's Budget Reduction Recommendations presented at the January 18th Board workshop
EMail Comments Received from the Communityon the proposed budget reduction plan
Contact Information for the Governor to the local officials and organizations
Sample Letters for the Governor and other state officials
PTA Flyer announcing an intensive campaign to capture every attendance dollar

Additional Information

Governor's Claim of Supporting Education Challenged
Background on State Budget Crisis
State Budget Developments for 2005/06


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