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2004 Budget Recap for AUSD

The CA State Budget Crisis 2004 continued to present significant problems for Alameda Unified School District. Each year AUSD is required to develop a new budget for the coming year. The timeline for 2004-2005 Budget Development Calendar indicated an initial budget was to be reviewed in March. At the March 23th BOE meeting, the Chief Financial Officer indicated the Alameda County Office of Education was giving mixed signals about what budget assumptions can be used for the 2004/05 budget.

With the May assessment of the May Revise, there were enough assurances that it appeared the Legislature would adopt the Governor's budget submitted in January.

On June 23 the Board of Education adopted a 2004/05 Budget

The proposed budget was balanced. However, as a result of negotiated settlements with our employee groups, the District submitted that budget using provision of AB1754, Section 0, which allowed school districts to reduce their Reserve for Economic Uncertainity by 50% for 2004/05. The minimum reserve of 3% must be restored in 2005-06.

The budgeted reserve of $2,600,000 wass anticipated to be reduced by approximately $900,000 as a result of negotiated settlements. As a result our Reserve for Economic Uncertainity will drop below 3%.

At the September 14th BOE Meeting the first enrollment indicated AUSD was approximately 290 students below 2003 enrollment levels. Difficulties with Section 8 funding and Harbor Island pending eviction of 400 families were cited as primary contributors to the downturn in enrollment. Revenue losses in the 2005/06 budget would be approximately $1,600,000.

At the October 26th BOE Meeting the unaudited actuals for 2003/04 revealed higher than anticipated expenditures thereby reducing the the unrestricted reserve.

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