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Last Udpate: March 25,2004

At the March 22, 2004 BOE Workshop a Initital Phasing of Projects was presented.

A March 9th LA Times editorial calling for a streamlining of state oversight of building new schools approved in March 2nd election.

Measure C Background

At the November 25th Board meeting, the Board of Education adopted a resolution to place a $63 million bond measure on the March 2004 ballot. The resolution also contained a summary project list by school site. With succesful passage of Measure C here is what AUSD will spend on 1999 modernization projects and the 2004-20?? projects for our aging schools. Here is a recap of the reports made to Board on Measure C Modernization Projects Updates.

The primary selling points for Measure C were:

  1. This measure will not increase your existing property taxes. . This measure simply extends existing voter approved assessments from 1989.
  2. Passage of this measure will allow Alameda schools to access $17 million in State matching funds. If the measure does not pass, this money will go to schools in other communities.
  3. Alameda schools will be repaired and renovated. Among many improvements, leaky roofs and weather damaged ceilings will be repaired or replaced, electrical systems will be upgraded to support computers and other technology and computer and science labs will be updated.
  4. All the money raised by this measure will stay in our community to improve Alameda’s schools. None of the funds can be taken away by the state to be used for other purposes and every school in the District will see direct improvement.
  5. A yearly financial audit and an independent oversight committee, appointed by the school board and made up of local citizens, will ensure money is used only for school improvements and repairs listed in the ballot measure language.

Measure C Passage

Under the leadership and direction of Superintendent Nishino (not to mention an excellent fund raiser) the tough process of transforming the Master Plan from concept to ballot measure was accomplished. With business like precision Lorenzo Legaspi, Chief Financial Officer, was able to make sure the ballot measure was ready while Bob DeLuca, Director of Maintenance and Facilities gathered all of the site requirements in an extraordinary short period of time. A great example of team work by District staff to make things happen.

From the start David Forbes, PTA President 2001-2004 was the driving force behind the scenes. David along other interested individuals generated the initial momentum during the summer of 2003. Once the Board of Education approved the ballot measure language, David put together a truly outstanding team of volunteers who delivered 13,809 yes votes (71.9%). In addition, former Personnel Officer Don Sherratt came out of retirement to co-chair the Measure C campaign. David and Don made numerous appearances throughout Alameda during February drumming up support for Measure C.

There were many volunteers including excellent participation from Alameda and Encinal students who put in countless hours phone banking and walking. Coordinating and mangaging all of volunteer's efforts was Peg Kofman and John Newton. Richard Heaps keep track of all dollars by being the treasurer for the campaign committee. Finally, following in the footsteps of former school Board member Anna Elefant, Daniel Elefant, Alameda High School senior, did an outstanding job of mobilizing student support for Measure C. Truly an outstanding effort by everyone.

Alameda has proven once again that it is a special community with committed individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of its citizens.

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