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Alameda Unified School District Budget Cuts History

In April, 2001, the Board of Education approved budget cuts totaling $1,600,000. These cuts have not been restored and represent ongoing savings in the future, unless restored. Here is a list of those items:

April 2001 Reductions for 2002/03 



Reduce Media Center Support 1 period 33,474
Eliminate HOME contribution 75,000
Eliminate AACLC contribution 147,000
Eliminate District Office clericals (3) 153,000
Reduce General Fund 5% 68,000
Eliminate 2.0 Educational Services staff 210,258
Eliminate extra 5 days from MS Counselors 5,000
Eliminate Graduation Requirements clerk 15,000
Eliminate Additional Funds to Decentralized Budget 56,000
Eliminate excess staffing at Washington School 66,948
Cut 50% from HS Athletic Transportation 27,000
Cut 50% from HS/MS Extra Curricular Activities 22,000
Reduce General Fund contribution to GATE 30,000
Reconfigure Purchasing Coordinator position 36,838
Eliminate Foreign Language at Paden/Washington 37,488
Reduce Superintendent's Budget 25,000
Eliminate contribution to Alameda Youth Collaborative 25,000
Institute one Principal for Two Small Schools 91,564
Eliminate Levels Test 9,800
Eliminate TSA's Reading 2.0 FTE 133,896
Eliminate contribution to Tri High 36,500
Reduce Position in Superintendent's from .80 to .40 32,682
Eliminate .33 FTE at Chipman 22,093
Eliminate District Contribution to CARE 40,000
Eliminate District Contribution to DARE 5,000
Eliminate .33 FTE at Wood 22,093
Reduce General Fund Supply Budget by 5% 68,000
Reduce District Contribution to SRO Program 50,000
Reduce Board of Education budget 10,000
Eliminate .50 FTE Paden 33,474
Eliminate District Contribution for Crossing Guards 45,900

In August 2001, the Superintendent convened the Superintendent's Edcuation Advisory Committee (SEAC). The committee was charged with recommending budget cuts totaling $2,200,000. This items on this list only serve as a starting point for the 2003 SEAC committee. Here is the list they presented to the Superintendent:

SEAC Consensus List August 2001

Student Teacher Ratio, Increase 1 grades 4-12 543,000
Restructure Grades 6/7 number of classes from 7 to 6 350,000
Woodstock Child Development Center 267,000*
Eliminate One Elementary School 267,000
Establish Unified Calendar  169,000*
Reduce Athletic Stipends 120,000
Eliminate Two High School Counselors 120,000
Eliminate MOF Supervisor and Associated Costs 92,400
Reduce School Site Budgets reduced by 5% 60,000
Reduce Testing Instruction Administration 15% 38,000
Reduce Board of Edcuation stipends plus discretionary 30,000
Reduce Instruction Administration 15% 25,000
Eliminate Public Information Officer & Associated Costs 22,000
Reduce Educational Services - 50% Travel and Conferences 15,000
Eliminate Graduation Requirements P/T clerical  13,700
Reduce Superintendent Supplies and Equipment 12,500
Reduce Music Supplies and Equipment 9,350
Eliminate Bilingual Teacher Training 8,750
Reduce Purchasing Budget 7,000
Eliminate Summer Management Program 6,778
Reduce Fiscal Services budget by 10% 6,500
Reduce Business Services budget by 10% 6,500
Reduce Release Time for Grade Level Articulation 5,600
Reduce Scholastic Achievement Test Prep 4,600
Reduce PE supplies and equipment 4,344
Reduce Assessment/ Benchmark budget by 10% 3,500
Reduce Base Closure Committee budget by 50% 3,500
Eliminate After School Tennis 2,411
Eliminate Mathematics Laboratory 2,100
Reduce Certificate of Appreciation budget 2,000
Reduce Graduation Requirements budget 1,400
Reduce Department Chair Travel /Conference 1,160

In addition, the Superintendent added some addtional items for consideration to the Board of Edcuation. Those items were:

Superintendent's Additions to SEAC List

Eliminate Class Size Reduction @ Kindergarten 68,136
Eliminate Class Size Reduction @ Grade 3 23,332
Eliminate Class Size Reduction @ Grades 1 & 2 100,752
Eliminate Class Size Reduction @ Grade 9 25,828
Reduce JROTC 28,400
Reduce 8th Grade from 7 to 6 periods, add 10 minutes 125,000
Eliminate School Resource Officer contribution 100,000

On Novemeber 6, 2001, the voters of Alameda passed Measure A with 71.1% yes vote. The qualified special tax of $109 per parcel per year for five years began 2002-2003 fiscal year.

Under Measure A, the District created a District Fiscal Oversight Committee consisting of three community members.

For 2002-2003, Measure A will fund the programs and expenditures identified by the 2001 SEAC totaling $1,784,000. Two items were not dropped from the original list of $2,200,000. The Unified Calendar was implemented and Woodstock Child Development Center was funded from the General Fund.

Here is a report on 2002/03 expenditures and 2003/04 budget amounts for Measure A.

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