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This an article of the 2000-2003 contract with teachers that are represented by the Alameda Education Association. Here the complete table of contents of the contract.



9.01 State Law

The District agrees to assign pupils to classes in compliance with the state law.

9.02 Regular Program Class Size

Class sizes shall not exceed the following except as provided for in Sections 9.03, 9.04, 9.08.

District Average Class Maximum
* Grades K-3 29 32
Grades 4-5 29 32
Grades 6-8 at elem sites 29 32
Grades 6-8 29 33
Grades 9-12 29 35

*Effective 1997-98 all District K-3 classes shall average 20 students in accord with the class size reduction legislation.

No combination or ungraded classes shall exceed the District averages.

9.03 Middle School Site

No middle school site teacher shall have more than 180 student contacts per day, excluding teachers referred to in Section 9.04. In computing student contacts for middle school CORE teachers, the number of students in each class period shall be added to compute the total, even though the students may be the same for 2 or 3 consecutive periods. The middle school site class maximum may be 35 students for academic classes where only a single section is offered.

9.04 Jointly Taught Classes

When a class is jointly taught or supervised by more than one credentialed teacher, class size shall be determined by dividing the number of students by the number of credentialed teachers assigned to the class.

9.05 Music, Physical Education, ROTC

The following classes may exceed the above maximum number: Music, Physical Education, ROTC. Physical Education class size, at the middle school and high school, shall not exceed fifty-five (55) students. No high school physical education teacher shall have more than 250 student contacts per day. No middle school teacher who teaches only P.E. shall have more than 240 student contacts per day. P.E. teachers grades 6-12 who teach classes in addition to P.E. shall have student contacts calculated on a pro-rata basis.

9.06 Time Limit for Adjustment

In the event an elementary, middle school, or secondary class exceeds the maximum, the District shall have twenty (20) days at the beginning of the school year to adjust such class and five (5) days at the beginning of the second semester. Resolution shall not be achieved by creating another class out of compliance.

9.07 Special Classes

The maximum size for special classes shall be those limits prescribed by law.

9.08 District Averages and Class Size

9.08.01 In computing the "District Averages" referred to in Sections 9.02 and 9.03 such computation shall not include librarians, media center teachers, program coordinators, nurses, counselors, special education students or teachers, ROP teachers, ROTC teachers, or certificated personnel not represented by the Association.

9.08.02 Classes listed in Section 9.04 shall not be included in computing the District averages.

9.08.03 A review of class size and District averages will be conducted thirty (30) days after the beginning of each traditional year semester by the Director of Personnel and a representative of the Association. Class size average shall be computed separately for YRE and traditional year programs.

9.09 Exceptions

9.09 .01 Large group instruction or experimental classes are permitted where the teacher and the District mutually agree to exceed the maximums.

9.09.02 In the event it is desirable that other negotiated maximums be exceeded in a given school, the exclusive representative and the District shall mutually agree to make such exceptions.

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