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BOE Meeting for January 22, 2008

1.) Proclamation: African American History Month

Background: Each year the school district acknowledges the countless contribtions that African Americans have made and proclaims February, 2008 as African American History Month.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Informational.

2.) Proclamation: A Season for Non-Violence: January 30, 2008 through April 4, 2008

Background: A Season of Nonviolence, Janaury 30 - April 4, 2008 is a national 64 day campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, trasform and empower our lives and our communitites.

Each school site will receive a packet of materials to support this event.

Fiscal Implications: None.

Superintendent Goal: Goal Informational.

3.) Report on Governor’s Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2008/09

Background: On Janaury 10, 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger released his State Budget proposal for 2008-09 fiscal year.

The proposed budget suspends Prop 98 and reduces base funding (i.e., current year funding) for Revenue Limit and Categorical Programs, including Special Education, Child Development, Adult Education and Food & Nutrition.

Governor's Budget Proposal

  • Suspends Proposition 98 and reduces by $4 billion; the suspension will require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to be enacted.
  • In the 20 years since Prop 98 was passed, it has been suspended only once. That suspension and this proposed suspension are the work of the same Governor and the Legislature.
. FY06/07 FY07/08 FY08/09 Minimum FY08/09 Proposed
Prop 98 Appropriations 55.1B 56.7B 59.7B 55.6B


  • Estimated statutory COLA of 4.94%
  • Deficit factor of 6.99%
  • AUSD: Loss of $4,000,000 in new and ongoing Revenue Limit revenues

How the COLA and deficit factor impact AUSD:

FY07/08 Base Revenue Limit (BRL) $5,777 Current year funding
Estimated statutory COLA of 4.94% $288 Estimated increase applied to BRL
FY08/09 Estimated Base Revenue Limit $6,065 Ongoing new revenues loss of $2,700,000
. . .
FY08/09 Estimated Base Revenue Limit $6,065 Next fully funded BRL
Proposed Deficit Factor of 6.99% 0.9301% Estimated decrease applied to BRL
FY08/09 Proposed Base Revenue Limit $5,641 Ongoing loss to existing BRL of $1,300,000


  • Enrollment growth is fully funded. Statewide enrollment is projected to decline by 0.51%. Within this statewide average, public school enrollment is expected to decrease by 1.2%, while charter school enrollment is projected to increase by 14.1%.

Special Education COLA and Deficit

  • Estimated statutory COLA of 4.94% for Special Education and a 10.9 deficit, resulting a 6.5% cut to Special Education. This proposed cut may place the state in violation of the Federal Maintenance of Effort requirement, thereby jeopardizing other federal dollars.
  • AUSD impact: Loss of $30 ADA for a total loss of $285K in Special Education revenue.

Categorical COLA and Deficit

  • Estimated statutory COLA of 4.94%, no funding for growth, and reduction to base funding for Categorical Funding. Major cuts include:
    • $199M in Child Development
    • $60M to Before and After School programs
    • $14M to Child Nutrition
    • $1.1B in across-the-baord reductions
  • Broader flexibility within Mega-Item, but no expansion to the list of programs.

Apportionmnet Deferrals

  • In FY02/03 the June Principal Apportionment was deferred from June to July. The Governor proposes to push out this deferral from July to September.

Equalization Aid

  • No funding to level up base revenue limits to 90th percentile.

Mandate Reimbursement

  • $38K to fund the mimimum appropriation required to keep the 38 mandated services active. No appropriation would suspend the mandates and make the mandated activity optional. By appropriating the minimum amount, school districts are required to provide the mandated service, but will not receive reimbursement in the budget year.

Adult Education

  • Estimated stautory COLA of 4.94%, growth of 2.5% and a 10.9% deficit.

Regional Occupation Programs

  • Estimated stautory COLA of 4.94%, growth of -0.55% and a 10.9% deficit.


  • Deferred Maintenance Reduction: $262M which reflects a 10.9 cut.

Fiscal Implications: None at this time, projected loss of revenue for FY07/08 is $250,000 and for FY08/09 over $4,500,000.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

4.) PUBLIC HEARING: Renaissance Leadership Academy, New Charter School Application

Background: The application submitted by Renaissance Leadership Academy for a K-8 school which included a 14 page introduction, the petition, a budget and a memo addressing where the Renaissance location could be. The initial population would start out 105 students and grow to 205 students.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal #1 Close the achievement gap.

5.) Technology Services Implementation Plan Update

Background: AUSD updated and completed the Education Technology Plan for 2007-2010. Staff presented a progress report that can be used as a guide for technology-related decision making and an instrument to monitor and evaluate progress.

Fiscal Implications: None.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #1. Closing the achievement gap.

6.) Special Education Implementation Plan Update

Background: Staff presented a Powerpoint presentation on progress regarding the Janaury 30, 2007 Special Education Implementation Plan. Autism is one emerging areas drawing a significant amount of special education resources.

Fiscal Implications: $270,000 increase for staffing

Superintendent Goal: Goal .

7.) PUBLIC HEARING: CSEA Reopeners for the Successor Contract to the 2005-2008 Contract between AUSD and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) – Office/Technical and Paraprofessional Unit

Background: The District and California School Employees Association has a contract that expires June 30, 2008. The openers for a new three year contract have been submitted by CSEA.

California School Employees Association

Alameda Chapter 27

Karen Keegan

The California School Employees Assocation (CSEA), Alameda Chapter 27, takes pride in using the interest based bargaining process in negotiaions. We are looking to renew our three-year contract beginning July 1, 2008 through and including June 30, 2011, or until a successor agreement has been agreed upon by both parties. CSEA has an interest in continuing to make the contract all-inclusive along with the following other interests:

Changing Personnel to Human Resources throughout the contract.

Visit the impact of the budget reductions.

Article 6 Hours and Overtime

    Interest in reviewing the seniority process for paraprofessionals.

Article 11 Pay and Allowances

    Fair and equitable salary increase.

Article 14 Vacation Plan

    Interest at looking at a timeline for applying for vacation time.

Article 15 Leaves

    Interest in ensuring coverage in a school office.

Article 20 layoffs

    Interest in language for layoff procedures.

Appendix A-1 Health and Welfare

    Fair and equitable health, dental and vision coverage for Paraprofessionals.

Appendix B-2 List of Classifications

    Interest in reviewing the job groupings of Paraprofessionals.

Appendix H Domestic Partner Affidavit

    Interest in bringing up the language to State Ed Code.

Fiscal Implications: None

Superintendent Goal: Goal .



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