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BOE Meeting of January 28, 2003

1. Superintendent's Woodstock Advisory Team (SWAT) Report on Woodstock Child Development Center (WCDC)

Background: In April 2002, SWAT was created to identify sufficient ongoing outside funding for WCDC to completely eliminate the encroachment on the general fund. The report is an update and identifies two options regarding the program. Option A: AUSD continue to indefinitely provide general fund contributions to the program. Option B: AUSD surrender the contract to the State Department of Education for 2003/04 and agree to allow the facilities to be used by a vendor to be selected by the state. In addition, AUSD work to ensure children and families do not have any disruption of childcare services and staff be considered for positions with the new vendor.

Presentation: Ardella Dailey presented a recap of the restructuring that has been done since February, 2002. Since September, 2002 WCDC has attained and maintained full enrollment while reorganizing their staff. As a result, the net impact to the General Fund will be between $50,000 to $60,000. In addition, to serving 190+ children, an additional 30 pre-K Special Education children are served. If AUSD chooses option B these 30 pre-K Special Education children will be have be relocated to existing school sites.

Implications: Staff will be researching the costs associated with relocating the Special Edcuation children.

2. McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

Background: The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 reauthorizes the McKinley-Vento Homeless Assistance Act for Homeless Children and Youth. The presentation will cover the new provisions designed to improve the school stability, and support facilitate the academic achievement of children and youth who are homeless.

Presentation: Dave Dierking presentation showed there were many unanswered questions about the implications of the Act. The District is applying for a grant to create the internal infrastructure within the District to become compliant and then maintain compliance with the Act.

3. District Copying and Printing Update

Background: In 2001 AUSD awarded Xerox Business Services a 5 year equipment and 3 year labor contract. This presentation provides an update on implementation of the contract and the plans for the future.

Presentation: Patrick Russell's update focused on the Central Office copy center. Of the million copies done monthly, 50% are done at the Central Office and 50% at the school sites. The plan is to move more copying to Central Office, eventually staffed by ROP students.

4. Approval of Superintendent's Recommendation for Facilities Master Plan

Background: In 1999 AUSD approved a Facilities Master Plan. Changes in demographics and the completion of a $27 million Modernization Program necessitated updating of the Master Plan. The consultant performed the update and presented three scenarios. With the December approval to build the new Woodstock school Scenario One is no longer valid. Scenario Two calls for the building of a new Woodstock and adding 7 portables to Alameda High School over next six years. Scenario Three calls for the full implementation of the Facilities Master Plan at cost of approximately $104 million. 

Presentation: Bob DeLuca summarized the three scenarios. After Board discussion, the Board authorized the Superintendent to explore the feasibility of fully implementing the Facilities Master Plan. A committee will be formed to gather input from the school and city community.

Implications: For additional detail on the Facilities Master Plan, go the Facilities section.

5. Report on the Governor's Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2003-04 and Mid-Year Cuts for 2002-03

Background: Governor Davis proposed mid-year cuts to 2002-03 budget in December. In January, Governor proposed his 2003-04 budget, Taken in total, both proposals call for substantial reduction in funding for public education. The Legislature is meeting to consider what action to take on mid-year cut proposals. The presentation provides an initial projection of the fiscal impact  to AUSD if the Legislature enacts the Governor's mid-year cuts and the 2003-04 budget as submitted.

Presentation: The presentation showed how the Governor's proposed cuts would affect AUSD by approximately $2 million on 2003/04. However, as of January 29th, the Legislature has been moving in another direction.

Implications: Cuts are coming. We just do not know how much and where.



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