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BOE Meeting for February 28, 2006

1. Update - November 2005 California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Results

Background: The State of California passed Senate Bill 2 authorizing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in 1999. Due to delays the graduating class of 2006 is the first class required to pass the exam.

Currently a total of 189 juniors need to pass the exam to graduate in 2007, 81 of whom are designated as students with Individual Education Plans.

Here is a more detailed breadkdown of seniors who need to pass the exam.

. ELA Only Math Only Both Total
SST 2 19 19 31
Other 21 28 41 90
Total 23 38 60 121

Fiscal Implications: None

Strategic Significance: Goal #6 - High School Graduation

2. Approval of California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Wavier Request for Students with Special Needs

Background: The State of California passed Senate Bill 2 authorizing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in 1999. Due to delays the graduating class of 2006 is the first class required to pass the exam.

Staff presented a policy for implemetation of the waiver for students who meet the necessary qualifications (3 students would qualify).

The Board approved the policy waiver.

Strategic Significance: Goal # 6 - High School Graduation

3. Approval of Annual California School Information System (CSIS) Report

Background: Each year the District is requried to collect demographic data. The California School Information System (CSIS) Report was approved by the Board.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

4. Spending Reduction Plan 2006/07

Background: AUSD must reduce next year's budget by $800,000 due to a loss of 150 students this year. On January 10th, the Board of Education voted to consolidate two small elementary schools, Miller and Woodstock, in order to generate a savings of $300,000. However, an additional $500,000 was needed.

The Superintendent's Spending Reduction Task Force prepared a preliminary list of budget reductions. The Superintendent's Council of employee group leaders, and the district's management group reviewed the preliminary list. The Superintendent made modifications based on input received and presented a preliminary list at a February 2nd community meeting. The community provided their feedback at that meeting.

At the February 14th BOE meeting the Superintendent presented a tiered set of recommendations for Board and direction. Board Member McMahon indicated he would not support $500,000 in reductions in a prepared statement.

Approximately a dozen speakers spoke on proposed reductions. Four speakers supported keeping Longfellow school open and one speaker spoke on keeping the Paden 6-8 Academy open.

The following items were submitted for a Board vote:

Items from Tier A2

Item # Item Amount
1 Close Longfellow School $300,000
2 Reduce Special Education $90,000
3 Restructure English Language Department $70,000
4 Eliminate Paden 6-8 Program $50,000
7 Reduce Business Services $7,400
. Total $517,400

The Board voted 4 to 1 to approve the list above. Board Member McMahon voted no indicating that projected State budget would give the District over $3 million in new monies for 2006/07 and leave the District with $1 million over the required 3% reserve. He stated he would prefer to wait a year to assess the impact of Summer House project before closing Longfellow.

Fiscal Implications: An additional $500,000 in annual savings to the District

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12

6. Public Hearing: New 3-Year Contract with California School Employees Association (CSEA) and Alameda Unified School District for 2005-2008

Background: The new three year contract between California School Employees Association and the Alameda Unified School District has been ratified by it members. Staff presented the major highlights of the contract changes and conducted a public hearing.

Article 2 - No Discrimation updated language to current District standard statement for gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability

Article 3 - Association Rights clarified unit positions that are allowed under current contract release time to conduct CSEA business

Article 6 - Hour and Overtime agreed to setting "starting and ending dates of 200 day employees to be determined by mutual agreement between CSEA and the District

Article 8 - Procedures for Evaluation agreed that "an employee who has received an unsatisfactory evaluation" cannot apply for another position until the plan of assistance process has been completed and a satisfactory evaluation has been record

Article 10 - Discipline agreed to follow the Education Code process written known as the "Skelly Process" which provides due process

Article 11 - Pay and Allowances "me too clause' allowing CSEA to provide an overall percentage rate increase equal to the greatest percentage raise of bonus granted to any recongized collective bargaining unit within Alameda Unified School District

Article 12 - Health and Welfare Benefits Administration This brings the paraprofessional employee in parity with all other employees in the District by allowing them to be eligible for health and wlefare benefits upon employment

Article 15 - Leaves brings catastrophic illness language up to date and clarifies collection procedures

Article 20 - Layoff clarifies seniority as the first date of paid service in the classfication as a regular employee

Article 21 - Term Agreement to a three year closed/zippered contract through June 7, 2008

Job Descriptions - Updated minimum qualifications in the Paraprofessional Woodstock Child Development Center job description and moved the position of Campus Supervisor, from the parafrofessional classification to the office technical classification

Appendixes - Removed outdated appendix and updated remaining ones, along with new one on the Paraprofessional Evaluation form

Editing - Edited the entire contract to reflect transition from the consolidaiton of the office/technical and paraprofessional contracts.

The Board approved the contract.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12



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