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BOE Meeting for March 11, 2003

1. Report on the Dell TechKnow Program

Background: Michael Johnson presented an overview of the first year pilot program and plans for the 2003-04 school year related to the Dell TechKnow grant.

In 2002/03 40 Lincoln and Wood Middle school students will travel to Alameda High School to work with high school mentors. During the 40 day program, the students learn to disassemble and reassemble a computer and load software. Upon successful completion of the program, the students are allowed to keep the computer donated US Micro Systems. In 2003/04 the program will be expanded to include Chipmam Middle students and Encinal High.

2. Personnel - Resolution No. 03-3753 Release of Certificated Administrators

Background: Most certificated administrators, except those whose employment rigths are strictly prescribed by a contract, may be released to another administrative or non-adminstrative position at the end of the year. This requires a notice by March 15th. Strict service requirements apply to giving these notices. All certificated administrators on Management, Support and Confidential Salary Schedules will be notified.

The Board approved the resolution.

3. Personnel - Resolution No. 03-3754 Intent to Dismiss Certificated Employees

Background: The District is required by sections 44949 and 44955 of the California Education Code to follow certain procedures prior to terminating certificated employees as a result of the need to reduce or eliminate particular kinds of services. The District must take action to notify certificated employees of the District's intent to dismiss them by March 15, 2003.

The Board approved the resolution.

4. Personnel - Resolution No. 03-3756 Non Re-election of Probationary Employee(s)

Background: California Education Code Section 44929.21 requires that the Governing Board shall notify a probationary employee in a position requiring certification qualifications of the decision to elect or not releect the employee to such a position for the succeeding school year.

The Board approved the resolution.

5. Personnel - Resolution No. 03-3757 Non Re-election of Temporary Employees

Background: California Education Code Section 44954 requires that the Governing Board shall notify a temporary employee in a position requiring certification requirements of the decision to reelect or not reelect the employee to such a position for the succeeding year.

The Board approved the resolution.

6. Approval of Selection of Construction Manager for the Woodstock Elementary School

Background: The Committee they have selected the Construction Manager for the Woodstock Elementary School project. The Board approved the recommendation.

7. Public Hearing: "Transition to Algebra" Course Textbook

Background: In the last Board meeting the secondary math task force made a recommendation that the Algebra A/B sequence be replaced with a new course, Transition to Algebra. Students leaving the 8th grade who do not pass the algebra placement matrix would be programmed into this course.

This action approved the textbook to be used for the course.

8. Request to Re-name Paden Media Center to "Holmes Hall"

Background: As part of the ten year celebration of the reopening of Paden Elementary School, the Paden Community has requested to rename the Media Center to "Holmes Hall" in honor of Rosemary Holmes. former principal from 1992-1998.

The Board approved the proposed change and opened the record for community response. The community will have until April 22 to comment.

9. Approval of Second Interim Report

Background: Twice during the fiscal year, a school district is required to submit a financial report certifying the district's ability to meet its financial obligations for the current year and two subsequent years.

The Second Interim Report 2002/03 shows that the District is projecting to have a required 3% reserve.

12. Update on the State Budget for Fiscal 2003-04

Background: Lorenzo the latest news related the budget.

13. PUBLIC HEARING - AEA Reopeners for the Successor Contract to the 2001-2003 Contract between AUSD and the Alameda Education Association (AEA)

Background: The District and the Alameda Education Association have a three-year contract that expires on June 30, 2003. The first step in the process is for the teacher's union to present their openers.

Alameda Edcuation Assocation's Openers for the 2003-2006 Contract

  • Article 3, Association Rights
  • Article 5, Leaves
  • Article 6, Grievance Procedures
  • Article 8, Teaching Hours
  • Article 9, Class Size
  • Article 10, Transfer
  • Article 12, Health and Wlefare Benefits
  • Article 13, Teacher Safety
  • Article 14, Salaries
  • Article 15, Early Retirement Incentive Programs
  • Article 27, Special Education

The Board of Education accepted the openers.

14. Calendar Report and Draft Proposal

Background: The first tentative calendar presented in a Decemeber Board of Education meeting was not ratified by the teacher's union. After two negotiation sessions, a second tentative calendar was presented.

The second tentative calendar was not approved. The Board on a 4-1 vote directed the District negotiation team to approach the teacher's union to try again with the stipulation that the Fall Break in the last week of October be moved.

If the teacher's union agrees to negotiations and if both sides can agree, the teacher's union would get to vote again. Informally, a union representative indicated that it would take approximately five days to ratify any new agreement, though it is unclear whether that is possible.

In order to begin class scheduling, the District student information system needs the start of the new school year entered. District officials have indicated that the end of March is when they need to enter this information.

If negotiations with the teacher's union are not successful or if the ratification of any new agreement is delayed, the District will end up using current year calendar. The first student day would be August 21 and the last student day would be June 11.

For complete breakdown of events related see 2003/04 Calendar Update.



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