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BOE Meeting for April 11, 2006

1. Employee of the Month

Background: Each month we honor an employee within the district. This month we honored: Roxanne Clement, Media Center Teacher, Bay Farm Elementary School.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

2. Employee Recognition: Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 6 Award for Middle School Principal of the Year

Background: The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), Region 6 annually recognizes an individual as the outstanding middle school principal. Laurie McLachlan-Fry, principal of Chipman Middle School, was recognized this year.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

3. Measure A Fiscal Oversight Committee Report

Background: On June 7,2005, the voters of Alameda approved a seven year extension of the parcel tax, Measure A. Three times a year the oversight committee presents a report to certify the appropriate use of funds.

This item was removed as the Chairperson was unable to attend and give the report.

Strategic Significance: Goals #1-12 - All

4. Title 1 2006 Academic Achievement Award Program

Background: For the third year in a row, Henry Haight Elementary School is recognized as a Title 1 Acadmic Achievement Award school. Only 39 schools in California are receiving this award for three consecutive years in a row.

Strategic Significance: Goal #2 - Curricular Coherence & Effective Instruction

5. 21st Century After School Program Report

Background: The California Legislature established the 21st Century After School Program for K-8 and ASSETS (After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens) for 9-12. The state administered, federally funded program provides five year grant funding to establish or expand before and after school programs for K-12 disadvantaged students. The purpose is to provide opportunities for activities that focus on: 1. Improved academic achviement 2. Enrichment services that reinforce and complement the academic achievement and 3. Family literary and related educational services.


The K-8 program, Alameda LEAPS, operates at Chipman for 62 students, Haight for 83 students with a waiting list of 26, Longfellow for 76 students with a waiting list of 9, Miller for 58 students with a waiting list of 9, and Washington for 62 students with a waiting list of 19. Federal funds are approximately $328,000 per year.

Encinal High School is one of 17 California high schools to receive a high school ASSETS grant. The Encinal JetSetters program is completing its Year Two of the five year grant cycle. The program is funded $250,000 per year.

Fiscal Implications: Both programs are federally funded grants for five years.

Staff Recommendation: Receive

Strategic Significance: Goal #5 At-Risk Students

6. Measure C Construction Progress Update

Background: Staff presented an update on construction progress for Measure C projects.

New School - Original project is currently two weeks behind schedule for July completion, due to heavy rains in March.

Alameda Parks and Recreation bid for the park was rejected at the April 4th City Council meeting. They will go out for new bids.

Phase II - Lincoln Two Story has been installed. Weather has kept us from completion of the required concrete work so we are hoping for s spring break completion. Earhart - Buildings 2 & 3 have been completed and recoccupied. Remainder of the project is scheduled for summer completion. Haight, Alameda High and Miller are out to bid. Haight bid opening is Arpil 25, 2006. Alameda High and Miller bid opening is May 16, 2006.

Phase III - Paden, Otis, Edison, Washington & Lum will be ready for bidding in June, 2006.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Environment

7. Update on Moves Planning Related to School Consolidation/Closure

Background: A report on the activities related to school consolidation/closure of Longfellow/Miller/Woodstock, the temporary relocation of Haight school and the relocation of Island High School will be given.


  • Miller and Woodstock Schools will be consolidated and students will attend the New School.
  • Haight School will be undergoing modernization and seismic retrofitting and will occupy the Woodstock campus for a portion of the 2006-07 school year.
  • Island High School will be moved to the Miller campus, as per the districtís facilities master plan.
  • Longfellow School will be closed. Students will attend the New School, Paden School or Washington School. Student residency will determine the school of attendance.


  • Superintendent Dailey formed committees to deal with the logistics and issues of the moves. The committees are the Overall Moves Committee, Transportation and Safety Committee, Personnel Committee (Senior Cabinet) and Island High School Committee.

New School

  • Construction is on time.
  • Facility Use: All classrooms will be used. 23 classrooms will be used for K-5, two classrooms for special education, and three classrooms for the before and afterschool childcare program.
  • The furniture and equipment order will be submitted by May 1. Project by Design, a division of School Specialty, is working with staff on this task. Project by Design schedules delivery, acceptance of goods, set-up and installation of furniture and equipment, hauls away packaging at no additional cost to the district.

Transportation and Safety

  • Staff is working with Alameda Police Department to devise safe routes to school and determine the need for crossing guards at the New School, Haight West, Haight Santa Clara and Paden.
  • Transportation surveys were distributed in February. Based on the results, a bus schedule was developed.
  • Requests for Proposals will be sent to bus companies in April.
  • Staff will work with the bus company to design traffic flow at HW and HSC.
  • Staff is in the process of developing a plan for student supervision at pick-up and drop-off times at Haight Santa Clara.

Site Packing Process

  • Project Coordinator meets regularly with the principals and lead teacher of affected schools.
  • February-April 13: the focus is on site staff taking inventory of District materials and equipment in their classrooms or work area.
  • February-April: a second focus is to weed out materials that are not standard based, furniture that is beyond repair and equipment that doesnít work.
  • April: Administrators will determine what instructional materials, furniture and equipment will go to the new school and what will be used by Haight at Haight West. The surplus will be redistributed to other sites once the new school and Haight West open.
  • June 20: School materials packed and labeled.


  • Staff is taking inventory of all equipment and peripherals.
  • Areas: Office, teacher stations, media center, computer labs, and classroom computers.
  • Staff is in the process of designing a plan for reconnecting equipment at the new location.


  • Haight School will be packed and labeled by June 20. School will be vacated by June 23. Chipman Moving will provide short-term storage for the materials going to Haight West and long-term storage for materials that will not go to HW. Some furniture may be stored in the Haight portables.
  • Woodstock, Miller and Longfellow Schools will be packed and labeled by June 20. Summer cleaning of the schools can begin immediately.
  • Woodstock will be set- up for Haight West in July.
  • Island High School will be packed and labeled by October 13, at eh end of the first hex-mester. Move will occur on the weekend of October 13.

Relocation of Support and Community Based Programs

  • Even Start, McKinney-Vento, LEAP, Head Start, and the Multi-Cultural Center will be relocated from Woodstock to Longfellow School. Special Education Speech Assessment will be moved to Miller School.
  • AEF Teacher Store and Project Pipeline will be relocated from Alameda Adult School to Longfellow School.

Strategic Significance: Goal #10 Safe Learning Enviornment

8. Media Center/ High School Library Progress Report

Item Type: Information (20 minutes)

Background: Library Media Center will provide current information about our Library Media Centers and how they support student achievement.

The naitonal average for funding of school library funding is $16.50. This year California spent approximately $.66 per student.

Below is recap of materials in the Library Media Centers:

School Avg Age of Non-Fiction Ratio Books:Students LMC Computers
Bay Farm 1994 22:1 20
Earhart 1987 21:1 .
Edison 1993 27:1 20
Franklin 1992 17:1 32
Haight 1983 17:1 37
Longfellow 1985 45:1 21
Lum . . .
Miller . . .
Otis 1993 31:1 24
Paden 1990 25:1 .
Washington 1999 39:1 27
Woodstock 1987 25:1 17
Chipman 1991 27:1 14
Lincoln 1992 18:1 32
Wood . . .
Alameda High 1989 20:1 45
Encinal 1989 12:1 17

Strategic Significance: Goal #1 Currricular Coherence & Effective Instruction

9. Approval to Reduce Public Comment Period to 50 Days for Renaming Alameda Little Theater in Honor of Fred Chacon

Background: At the February 28th, members of Alameda High School community requested a shortening of the public comment period related to renaming the Little Theater. Staff was directed to bring back a recommendation.

The Superintendent indicated that the entire process for renaming the Little Theater was not followed and requested additional time to formulate a recommendation. The Board took no action on this item.

Strategic Significance: Goal #12 - Communications and Community Engagement

11. Alameda Unified School District Additional Opener for a 2006-07 Contract 2006-2009

Background: The District requested Article 10 Transfers be added to the list of articles to be negotiated.


The Board approved the request.

Strategic Significance: Goal #3 Employees

12. Request for Permission to Solicit Proposals for Copy and Print Services

Item Type: Action (10 minutes)

Background: The five year contract with Xerox end July 1st. Staff has prepared a request for proposal.

The Board approved the RFP.

Fiscal Implications: Unfknown

Strategic Significance: Goal #1-12 Financial



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