Recap for June 24 BOE Meeting

Link to Novus website containing Formal Agenda and Supporting Documentation

1.) Facilities Master Plan -Implementation Plan B

Background: Based on the change identified at the June 10th BOE meeting, staff presented a revised implementation recommendation for the Facilities Master Plan.

Fiscal Implications. None.

2. Resolution to Place Bond Measure on November 2014 Ballot

Background: The Board voted 4 to 1 with Member Spencer voting no to approve the resolution for a November bond measure.

Fiscal Implications: $179 million in bond proceeds if approved by 55% of the voters.

3. Review of AUSD Accomplishments

Background: The Superintendent has accepted a new position in Southern California. Annually she presents a review of the accomplishments of the District.

Fiscal Implications: None.

4. Maya Lin Cell Towers/Cell Phone Tower Contracts

Background: Staff was directed to review and present all of the current cell tower contracts active in the District.

Fiscal Implications: None.

5. LCAP/EPA/2014/15 Budget Adoption

Background: The Board all of the necessary budget documents for the 2014/15 including the EPA spending plan and the budget.

Fiscal Implications: None.

6. Innovative Programs

Background: The Board approved going ahead with the Franklin and Haight proposals for innovative programs.

Fiscal Implications: None.

7. Solar Master Plan

Background: A draft Solar Master Plan was submitted by CASA. The plan will be reviewed by staff and evaluated at a future BOE meeting.

Fiscal Implications: None.












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