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Recap for October 26 Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Recognition of John Nolan - Alameda County Teacher of the Year

Background: John Nolan, Island High Teacher was recognized for being named Alameda County Teacher of the Year.

Fiscal Implications: None.

2.) Highlighting Wood Middle School

Background:  Staff presented a review of the academic programs at Wood Middle School.

  • Fiscal Implications: None

    3.) Report on the Conditions of Alameda Pools

    Background: Staff Provided an update on the status of pool closures..

    Fiscal Implications: TBD

    4.)  Staff Evaluation Report

    Background: This item was moved to the  November 9 BOE meeting.

    Fiscal Implications: None.

    5.) Review of Strategic Budget Cuts and Maintenance of Programs from a Parcel Tax

    Background: Staff presented a review of the budget reduction and programs facing the district.

    Fiscal Implications: TBD.