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Recap for November 13 BOE Meeting

Link to Novus website containing Formal Agenda and Supporting Documentation

1.) Kindergarten Roundup

Background: Staff presented a recap of the new dates for Kindergarten roundup whch have been moved to November.

Fiscal Implications. None.

2. Evaluation Criteria for Magnet and Innovative Program

Background: Staff presented evaluation criteria that will be used for Magnet and Innovative programs.

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.) Novus Software Review

Background: Staff presented a review of the implementation of Novus software used for online reporting of Board of Education meetings.

Fiscal Implications: Novus software cost approximately $15,000 a year.

4.) Review of Purchase Option of Leased Building for District Offices

Background: Staff presented a review of the contract terms in the lease that would be needed to be executed to buy the building that will house the District staff. The Board of Education agreed to wait until next year on a decision.

Fiscal Implications: Lease is for six years at over $3 million. Purchase cost would have been around $5.5 million if executed by December, 2012. Purchase cost goes to around $6 million next year.

5.) Performance Management Scorecards

Background: Staff presented a review of the district office performance management scorecards for 2011/12.

Fiscal Implications: None.

6.) BTSA and PAR Report

Background: Staff presented a report on Beginning Teacher Support Assistance and teacher support of struggling teachers.

Fiscal Implications: None.

7.) Conflict of Interest Policy

Background: Board adopted a new conflict of interest policy.

Fiscal Implications: None.