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Recap for December 8 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Highlighting Alameda Schools: Earhart Elementary School

Background: The Earhart staff will shared an overview of  Earhart' school based programs.

2.) Employee of the Month

Background: Each month we honor employees recognized for service that is above and beyond. This month we recognized:

  • Cathy Fong, 3rd Grade Teacher, Bay Farm Elementary
  • Marian Croyle, SPED Teacher, Moderate to Severe
  • Piedad Cruz SPED Paraprofessional
  • Angeline Leonard, SPED Paraprofessional
  • Cecila Moyer, SPED Paraprofessional
  • Agnes Weinreb, SPED Paraprofessional

3.) Election of the Board President

Background: Each year at the organizational meeting the Board select new officers. Ron Mooney received three votes and Tracy Jensen received two votes. Ron Mooney was elected.

4.) Election of the Board Vice President

Background: Each year at the organizational meeting the Board select new officers. After Tracy Jensen declined to serve, Mike McMahon received three votes and Trish Spencer received two votes. Mike McMahon was elected.

5.) Approval of 2010 Schedule of Regular Board of Education Meetings

Background: Each year at the organizational meeting the Board select new officers and approve a schedule for the upcoming school year. The school board approved the standard second and fourth Tuesdays for next month, except for July (no meetings) and November (the fifth Tuesday was scheduled to avoid conflict with Thanksgiving) and December where there is only one scheduled.

6.) Review of Anti-Bullying Instructional Materials

Background: In May the Superintendent directed staff to investigate a new curriculum that addresses bullying and harassment and explicitly addresses all six protected classes identified in Education Code 200: disability, gender, nationality, race of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Staff provided an update to the Board of Education on the work of the Community Advisory Committee in the search for a new curriculum as well as a recommendation to the Superintendent at November 24 BOE meeting.

The Superintendent made a series of  recommendations to the Board of Education for adopting new curricula addressing bullying and a plan for addressing all six protected classes. The Board approved the Superintendent recommendations.

Fiscal Implications: $50,00 Instructional materials and professional development

7.) Approval of Board of Education Committee Assignments

Background: Each year at the organizational meeting the Board select their committee assignments and designates representatives to various groups.  Each Board member signed up for committee assignments of interest.

8.) Measure C Modernization Report

Background: Staff presented a report on the final phases of Measure C work and request deferral of the Adult School Window and Exterior Paint Project until the completion of the Master Plan. The Board agreed to defer approving the contract for Adult School ($689,000) pending the approval of the Master Plan.

Fiscal Implications: No general fund impact

9.) Review of Criteria for Charter Application Approval / Denial and Possible Implications to District Schools

Background: To prepare for the governing board's decision on charter school petitions, staff provided a review of the criteria for charter application approval or denial based on Education Code 47605 and Board Policy Administrative Regulation 0420.4(a).

10.) Approval of First Interim  Report for 2009/10 Fiscal Year

Background:  Staff presented the First Interim for approval. The Board approved the First Interim with a qualified status.

11.) Alameda Boys and Girls Club California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Mitigated Negative Declaration

Background:  In order to for the project to build a Boys and Girls Club to begin, the Board of Education must a approve a Mitigated Negative Declaration. The staff is recommended adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration.

12.) Presentation of DRAFT Master Plan for Alameda Unified School District

Background:  The Superintendent presented a DRAFT of the Master Plan at the meeting. The Superintendent intends to begin the Final Draft at the January 26 Board of Education meeting.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown

13.) PUBLIC HEARING: Budget Categorical Flexibility Information

Background:  The ongoing State budget crisis and the recent adoption of state budget allows local school districts to spend dollars that are supposed to be restricted for specific purposes on general ongoing operating expenses. Staff presented their recommendations for use of categorical funds in order to meet general operating needs at the Public Hearing.

14.) Adult School Proposal for Fee for Services and Programs

Background: Due to 20% reductions in funding from the State, the Adult School is proposing adding fees for services and programs. This proposal will be voted on at the December 15 meeting.

Fiscal Implications: $200,000 in additional revenue

15.) Fiscal Update on Program Costs - School Site & Department Budgets

Background: Staff was to present the 2009/10 budget detail for the school sites and central office. However due the late hour, this item was tabled.

16.) Approval of Amendment to Alameda Boys & Girls Club Lease Agreement

Background: During legal review of the lease General Counsel identified three areas of concern that need amendment:

  1. Remove a reference to Department of Architecture
  2. Clarify the Boys and Girls Club financial and actual responsibility for compliance with CEQA
  3. An addition of a mutual indemnification clause

Staff is recommended changes to lease to reduce the District's exposure to liability. The Board approved the change.

17.) Approval of Resolution No. 09-0074 Intent to Dismiss Grant Classified Employees

Background:  In order to reduce or discontinue particular kinds of service due to restructuring due must be given to affected classified employees. Positions impacted are as a follows:


No of Positions 

Total Reduction (FTEs)

Grants Manager 


Program Assistant 


Lead Instructor 


Site Supervisor (Sports) 


Lead Instructor (Sports) 


Afterschool Instructor (Sports) 


Afterschool Instructor - 21st Century 


Afterschool Instructor (Sports) 


21st Century After School Instructor



The Board approved the resolution. 

Fiscal Implications: $195,000 savings