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2004/05 AUSD Calendar Development

In September, 2003, as part of the teacher contract negotiations teams from the District and the Alameda Education Association (AEA) began discussions on the calendar . In mid-October, a proposal was reviewed and approved by AEA Executive Council and Rep Council. This proposal was then officially signed off by both negotiations teams on October 21, 2003. The proposal contained calendars for three years.

2004/05 Calendar

2005/06 Calendar

2006/07 Calendar

On December 8th, the District received information from AEA that the calendar proposal for all three years did not pass.

At the December 9th BOE meeting, AEA President Glenda McDowell provided additional information: After signing a tentative agreement, the negotiations team met with the Executive Council and Rep Council to decide when to present the calendar for membership vote. The proposal was given to the AEA membership prior to the Thanksgiving long weekend. After the long weekend the vote was conducted with Glenda visiting schools to answer questions regarding the calendar. Glenda indicated a late submission of the Encincal High School votes and mismatch of the number of ballots versus the number of teacher signatures from Alameda High School precluded AEA from using approximately 150 potential ballots. With those sites excluded, Glenda indicated by a vote 118 YES and 195 NO the calendar proposal did not pass. Glenda did indicate that vote from the high school would not have changed outcome had they been included. Glenda was not able to offer any definitive reason why the membership did not pass the calendar proposal and even admitted she did not know what the membership wanted. Potential concerns centered around the lack of a October break and choppy Winter Break in 2005/06 and 2006/07 calendars.

After discussion about potential courses of action and in an attempt resolve this matter as soon as possible, the Board decided to separate the calendar proposal into a one year calendar proposal for 2004/05. The Board voted 5-0 to "approve" (not adopt) a 2004/05 Calendar. The 2004/05 calendar represented the hard work of both negotiations teams with the approval from the AEA Executive Council and Rep council as well as the Board. It was hoped that by taking this action, AEA leadership will take the one year calendar proposal back to its membership for a vote as soon as possible.

On December 16th, AEA promptly presented two additional calendars for consideration. The two negotiations teams agreed that all three calendars be given to the AEA membership for vote in mid-January. Because of the Winter Break, the Board of Education has not reviewed the two new calendar proposals. It is expected that the Board will meet prior to the three calendars being given to the AEA membership for a vote.

Here is a summary of the three calendar options currently being considered:

Features BOE Reviewed Approved  AEA Option A AEA Option B
First Day of School August 30, 2004 September 1, 2004 September 7, 2004
Fall Recess November 24-26 November 22-26 November 24-26
Winter Break December 18-Jan 2 December 18-Jan 2 December 18-Jan 2
Spring Recess March 28 - April 1 March 28 - April 1 March 28 - April 1
Last Day of School June 10, 2004 June 16, 2004 June 17, 2004

Here are the three calendars in a calendar format:

2004/05 BOE Reviewed Calendar

2004/05 AEA Option A Calendar

2004/05 AEA Option B Calendar

From my own personal perspective as a Board member, I was extremely encouraged by the actions of AEA and district negotiations team to be able to quickly respond the Board action taken on December 9th. Both negotiations teams honored the initial parameters from their respective governing authorities and have developed three alternative calendars. With a little work and luck, we can all avoid the problems with the 2003/04 Calendar Approval.

At the January 27th BOE meeting, the Board approved the union approved selection of

2004/05 AEA Option A Calendar.

Here are comments on the 2004/05 calendar process received from the community.

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