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March 19, 2011

Measure A Background

In 2009, Alameda Unified School District held numerous community meeting and developed a Master Plan. With dwindling revenues from the State a parcel tax was place on June, 2010 ballot. It attempted to replace Measures A & H revenues of $7 million with new revenues of $14 million. On June 22, 2010, the all mail in ballots were counted and Measure E lost with 65.6% Yes votes. One week later, dozens of parents implored the Board of Education to place another replacement tax on the ballot.

Measure A Passage

From the start Sarah Olaes, Measure E Volunteer Coordinator was the driving force behind creation of a new campaign committee. Sara along other interested individuals generated the initial momentum during the summer of 2010. By the time the Board of Education approved the new ballot measure language, Sarah put together a truly outstanding team of volunteers. Rob Siltanen  the campaign coordinator was joined by Brad, Hayward, Communications Chair, Julie Hong, Co Volunteer Chair, Anne DeBardeleben and Laria Pippen as Fundraising chairs, Seamus Wilmot as Treasurer, Andy Currid, Data Management and Page Barnes, Legal.  Mike Robles-Wong served the chairman of the campaign.

There were 200+ turf captains who put in countless hours contacting their neighbors. They were managed by school captains: Kristin Atkins, Yenju Chen, Jenn Laird, Chris Dodge, the Grimaldis, Stephanie Lapchet, Mike Levy, Courtney Shepler, Cloud Schoenbelen, Steven Smith and Brian Strong,

Alameda has proven once again that it is a special community with committed individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of its citizens.

Measure A Lawsuit

In May, 2011 a lawsuit was filed to overturn Measure A.. The lawsuit (Nelco, Inc. v. AUSD, Case # RG 11574574) was filed in Alameda County Superior Court. It is similar to a lawsuit that was filed against Measure A's predecessor, Measure H. That lawsuit is under appeal. On September 13 the judge ruled in favor of AUSD. Here is the press release.


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