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Public Disclosure

of Proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement

Source: June 23 BOE Meeting, Agenda Item G-16


Period of Agreement

July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2006


  1. 2003-04 $ 0
  2. 2004-05 One Time Bonus $ 270,000
  3. 2005-06 Formula (See below) TBD


  1. 2003-04 $ 0
  2. 2004-05 Effective Jan 1, 2005 $ 270,000
    • Employee Only: $370.26
    • Employee Plus One: $492.97
    • Employee Plus Family $586.43
    • Cash Out Option $305.00
  3. 2005-06 Formula (See below) $540,000 + TBD


  1. President's Release Time $13,009
  2. Early Retirement Incentive Program
    • $17,000 per retiree if 19-22 members retire $323,000 to $374,000
    • $18,000 per retiree if 23 or more members retire $414,000 and up

Salary/Benefits Formula for 2005/06 School Year

The share of unrestricted revenues will be 66% for the Alameda Employees Association unit members. Multiply 66% times the 2005/06 unrestricted funds and subtract salaries and benefits paid from unrestricted revenues plus any new FTEs hired based on negotiated staffing ratios and salary schedule maintenance (i.e. step and column minus savings, if any, generated by staff turnover/attrition). The remaining portion will be added to the salary schedule and/or benefits per Alameda Education Association's direction.

Along with these changes, there were language changes cover under the language review section.

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