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AUSD Strategic Plan 2003-2008

Alameda Unified School District adopted a five year strategic plan in 2003. Here is a high level summary of the key components, as well as 2003/04 Goals and Accomplishments and 2004/05 Goals and Accomplishments.


A Team unified to ensure that every school creates a learning environment where every student succeeds.

District Tag Line: Student Success - Whatever It Takes


We acknowledge, value and respect the diversity of all students - race, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic background - believing each student's unique experience can be used to leverage and maximize student achievement.

We believe the AUSD Graduate Profile encompass a common set of skills, knowledge and attitudes essential to the development of all Alameda students. These learnings have intrinsic value for the fulfillment of each student's future aspirations.

AUSD Graduate Profile Outcomes

  • Achieves state and local standards
  • Displays responsibility, self-esteem, self-management, integrity and honesty
  • Works wells with others
  • Demonstrates knoweldge of career options and the pathway to their attainment
  • Applies technology as a tool for learning and career preparation
  • Understands and participates in the democratic process
  • Educational Philosophy

  • Every student has the right to reach his/her full potential
  • Development of the whole person - Intellectual, Emotional, Creative and Physical - is an important part of a well-rounded edcuation
  • Education is a shared responsibility among the student, the teacher, the parent and the community
  • Embracing diversity contributes to the strength of the community
  • Instruction should be designed to meet the needs of the diverse learners
  • High expectations result in higher achievement
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in revelant work
  • Community service is a valuable learning experience for students
  • Decision making must be responsive to student needs
  • Learning is a life long process
  • Strategic Focus

    Every student will meet or exceed all AUSD and state standards as measured by District and state assessments

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment

    GOAL #1: Curricular Coherence & Effectve Practices

    By 2008, the student achievement goal is attained through a clearly defined core curriculum aligned to state standards that is used consistently district-wide. Teachers, administrators and support staff are supported through instructional leadership, coaching evaluation and collaboration to implement effective educational practices.

    Student needs will be addressed through a workable system to identify effective instructional practices. These practices will be implemented district-wide. These practices will include explicit, direct instruction on the skills students need to succeed at each grade level.

    Site administrators will provide feedback to their teachers in the form of problem-solving, data collection, and other assistance so that student needs are effectively met and the achievement gap is is reduced or eliminated.

    GOAL #2: Staff Development

    By 2008, all teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators will be supported in the development of in-depth content knowledge and effective classroom practices through a staff development plan aligned to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Title II Improving Teacher Quality Mandates.

    GOAL #3: Staff Recruitment, Assignment and Retention

    By 2008, every student will be taught by fully credentialed, highly qualified teachers. The teacher population will more closely represent the diversity of the student population.

    GOAL #4: Assessment (Formative, Incremental Testing for Diagnostic Purposes)

    By 2008, the success of every student is ensured by the district having a comprehensive assessment system that provides ongoing individual student data that is diagnostic, formative and summative in nature supported by technology at the classroom, site and district levels.

    Student progress is communicated to parents and students through a clear and consistent grading system.

    Mulitple sources of data are used to drive decision-making process district-wide.

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Strategic Intervention and Support

    GOAL #5: At-Risk Students

    By 2008, provide systematic and research-based intervention programs, that are equitably accessible to all identified at-risk students, across schools and grade levels.

    GOAL #6: High School Graduation

    By 2008, all students will graduate from high school having passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) and having met the AUSD graduation requirements.

    GOAL #7: Limited English Proficient Students

    By 2008, the number of limited-English-proficient students becoming proficient in English will increase by 10%, attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts will increase by by 20% and attaining proficiency or better in math will increase by 18%.

    GOAL #8: Early Child Education

    By 2008, high quality early childhood education programs will be available at every Title I School in the district.

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Student Involvement and Engagement

    GOAL #9: Student Involvement and Engagement

    By 2008, every student will be more actively engaged,involved and connected through structures and processes that encourage diverse student input into the decision-making process regarding student edcuational experiences.

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Conducive Learning Environment

    GOAL #10: Safe Schools

    By 2008, all students will be in learning environments that are safe and conducive to learning.

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Vocational,Career, and Adult Education

    GOAL #11: Vocational,Career, and Adult Education

    By 2008, every student will be prepared to succeed in college or in their career choice after being exposed to a range of options that include career and technical experiences.


    GOAL AREA #12: Communications and Community Engagement

    By 2008, every student's success is enhanced by an effective communication system that promotes information exchange, connects and engages our diverse population, and motivates our community to support Alameda's public school.

    Go to 2004/05 Goals to view plans for the upcoming year. In addition, 2003/04 Goals and Accomplishment are available for review.

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